Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finally a little bit of colour

I have four tomato plants with lots and lots of green tomatoes on them. I was beginning to think they were never going to ripen, then on Tuesday night I saw one that is starting to change colour.

The problem is going to be they are all going to ripen at the same time.  Does anyone have a favourite recipe for tomato sauce that doesn't involve a million steps.  I don't mind the skinning of the tomatoes, I hate the de-seeding etc.

I have a couple of days "off" of work, but of course have a million and one things to do, including priming the closets, sanding the closet floors, stripping paint off the door frame inside of a closet; oh and the usual things like cleaning, laundry and cooking!!    Which will all be made easier with the 40 oC temperature, the humidity is horrible again.


CannedAm said...

I don't skin or seed them, I just use a mill.

Out Back said...

I can't wait until the tomato season.

Your tomato bush is looking very healthy with a nice crop for you. That will keep you busy making 'something' if you get excess.

They do seem to take ages to change colour don't they?

Take care,


LizBeth said...

You didn't mention the grass and the bloody tractor.

I don't take the seeds out, either, for sauce. Just run them through the blender. Now, if only the tomatoes would actually GROW in this weird climate.

Liz, The Republic

Tracey said...

When I get an abundance I make chutney. How are you? Take it easy! xxx

Stephanie V said...

At least you'll get it all over with at once. I often wondered if other grower's tomatoes came in gang-busters like ours. Now I know.

We're tomato sauce makers - seeds totally acceptable. Although I could probably eat our whole crop right off the vine. Sun-warmed is the very best way to enjoy a tomato.

Star said...

I usually make a lot of home-made tomato soup. You can blend the skins and the seeds into that. They are all good for you. To make it even nicer, I add rice and meatballs and serve it with soy sauce and crunchy bread rolls with butter.
Blessings, Star

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Gill! I'm getting caught up on my blog visits after being gone for a few days and have enjoyed getting caught up on your blog. What healthy tomato plants you have! The first one ripening is always exciting! I've been buying mine from the farmer down the road--I know I'm probably paying too much (75 cents a pound) but they are delicious and worth it to me! Hope you're not too busy and are able to stop and smell your lovely Coconut Lime Echinacea, or the roses! :o)))

The Witch said...

We also will have a lot of tomatoes all ripening at the same time.
I make a really good hot dog relish when they are super ripe.
But you can make mustard pickles or chow which use green tomatoes.
I also just blanch and then take the skins off crush the tomatoes and freeze in one or two cups amount for spaghetti sauce and stews. So easy and what a money saver not having to buy any canned tomatoes from who knows where they have been grown.

Karine said...

It's very humid here too, I've been feeling like a huge frizz ball all week lol

Tammie Lee said...

I would use the peels and the seeds. either dry them in slices for winter use. or an Italian sauce would be yummy. sautee onions garlic, add pureed whole tomatoes, basil, oregano, thyme, a little rosemary and bay leaves,s+p- cook til desired thickness.