Saturday, August 7, 2010

The giant fungi/mushroom's are back.....

There will be a correct term/name for them, just not sure what.

Super busy day at work on Friday.  When I came home I had two loads of laundry to iron.  Where is the ironing fairy when you need it.......and I had to do it, as some were dh`s work clothes that he needs for work on Saturday.

Luckily I had made too many potatoes the night before and had enough for Friday nights supper.  So we had fish fingers, mashed potatoes and Heinz baked beans.  There is nothing better than mashed potatoes and baked beans.  Not sure if that is a British thing or not.  My question mark icon is not working on my laptop, I keep getting this symbol É when I click on the question mark icon.

No humidity on Friday which is a great thing, and it should be the same on Saturday as well.  As usual got lots and lots to do over the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend.



LizBeth said...

Tell us more about the British thing with baked beans and mashed potatoes! Sounds like my cup of tea. Do you just like them in the same meal, or do you serve them in some particular way? I LOVE mashed potatoes. And the beans, out of the can, or do you have a favorite recipe? Thanks!

Liz, The Republic

John said...

re your french "E' - PRESS SHIFT AND CONTROL AT THE SAME TIME and see if that fixes it.

If not get back to me as it may be another problem!

John said...

Are those fungi edible?

btw your keyboard problem stems from the fact that you live in Cannada and Canada has 2 languages - English and French (except Quebec, where it is french and English LOL) so doing what i suggested will tell your computer that you wan the ? function Ehhhh?

CannedAm said...

Cool fungus! I've heard some of these can be strong enough to hold a person's weight to climb the tree! I haven't chanced it, myself, though ;) They're called shelf fungus or bracket fungus. Pretty neat:

Tracey said...

Your supper sounds fantastic. has to be Heinze beans though as they have the right texture and not all runny..
And your Funghis look like fun guys to have too.
have a wonderful weekend Gill xx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

CannedAM is right, that's what I call them too.
I don't know that I've ever had baked beans and mashed potatoes together, at least not as a "favorite." But usually anything with either of them is pretty good! :-)
I hope you have an enjoyable weekend Gill! said...

That is huge Fungi! I love mashed potatoes and baked beans too, But of course I am British! So that must be why! Have a happy weekend. xxx

Jef Taylor said...

Those mushrooms are called Dryad's saddle (scientific name Polyporus squamosus). They are edible when they are "young," but I haven't heard any raves about the taste. I posted about the species on my blog here:

Tracey said...

Yum! Love mashed tates & beans....not very posh is it? But then who's posh?!! LOL... & yes they still sell saucy postcards! xxx

Stephanie V said...

Very nice fungi. Maybe they could be sauteed up with the baked beans. When I was a kid one of my favorite meals was beans on toast. It was one of my Dad's 'specials'.

That French e has happened to me, too. I just turn off my computer and it goes away. Thanks to John for instructions to fix it. My question is: why does it just happen right in the middle of writing something?

Karine said...

Wow, that sure is a huge mushroom! I don't think I've ever seen one that size on a tree!

As for your keyboard, try using shift-6 for your question mark. I use Canadian Multilingual standard keyboard setting on my laptop because, being totally bilingual and having friends on both the English and French side of the language spectrum, I need to use both languages and my É is in the place of the English question mark.

Teresa said...

My ox had those shelf fungi growing on his head from where he was dehorned. Poor guy! The shriveled up and fell off, no harm done. Just seeing them brought that back to mind though.

Canadian Saver said...

Can't say we've ever had mashed potatoes and beans at the same time, so I agree that it's a British thing ;-)

Great big mushroom, I like the picture!

The Witch said...

Bake beans and mashed potatoes sounds like heaven to me.
Funky mushrooms.
Are those your cedars you planted in the back ground.
They have really grown if they are the ones I think you planted.