Monday, July 7, 2008

Garden and other odds and ends....

We, well mostly dh did some work in the garden this weekend. We have what they call "swales" in our garden, down both sides and the back. They are ditches that the builder digs and where the rain water flows into. They are built so that the water flows to the back fence. However due to one reason or another we decided to gravel all that area as we were having a weed problem and it is difficult to cut.

So we got a yard of gravel today and got that hauled round.

This is the garden to the left of the back fence where we planted the beech that is old before its time. It was bone dry so no wonder it isn't happy, we have given it a good feed and a good water.

This is what the right hand side looks like now.

This is a full shot of the back fence now.

Now also on Saturday morning me and dh put up a new gazebo/sunshade/tent. We get the full sun from lunch time onwards on the back of the house, making it practically unusable for us, as we both suffer in the sun.

The one we bought not only has full mosquito netting around it, it also has drapes you can close so when the sun shines it blocks the sun out. I have to say we were both pretty pleased with it and it works a charm. I don't think it is rainproof, but we'll check it out next time it rains.

Here are some photo's, it fits perfectly on our deck. For the Canadians out there we got it at Rona and it is the 10' x 12' one at $499.

Another photo taken from the patio doors.

Another photo.

And another one, this one is the last one I promise!!!

Also are you one of those people who reads manuals and instructions thoroughly? I'm not, dh is. Anyhow I have been whining on about how my zoom on my camera sucks. So I finally get the manual out last night and read the bit about zoom this morning and lo and behold I didn't have this function turned on??? I guess that's why it didn't work properly. So I must make an effort to read what the rest of the manual says as I guess there may be a few other things, that aren't switched on....besides me.

Now for a photo of my birdy from the bird box, with my zoom switched on!!


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I really like your new gazebo.It makes your porch look cool and cozy.
To answer your question you left for me on my blog, I couldn't find an email address for you on your blog. So I will answer your question here.
The antique roadshow is coming here July 19.I don't have long to wait now. They have sent me my tickets and I have an appointment that morning to see the appraiser at 7:00 am . They will pick up the couch a few days before that date.I am getting nervous!

Imanoptimisticbeauty said...

I love your gazebo and your porch and you're whole backyard! LOL. Mine is pretty trashed with the dogs. We have a formerly magnificent porch that has been destroyed... our swing is broken and we no longer have grass as my hubby covered it over in dirt. The dirt is very silty and anytime anyone is outside it comes right in the house and is impossible to get off of the floors. I vacuum twice a day (sweeping just doesn't take it up) and mop nearly everyday and it still makes no difference. We have 1 little patch of grass that popped through from under the dirt... guess the grass wasn't quite as delicate as dh figured it was! Oi! I'm hoping to convince him to replant... but that will mean buying top soil and then replanting.

Gill - That British Woman said...

you've got to remember Jamie, we neither have young kids or dogs running around. When we had Maxine, our black lab, we have lovely burnt patches all over our grass where she peed. She passed on a couple of years ago and we haven't got another dog.........yet!!!

Jasmine's Journey said...

The yard looks nice and I so want to come have lunch on your patio!!

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and relating to my pain :)

As for the manual reading, even as a writer I don't always read the manuals. But we writers are very fond of saying RTFM (read the F-ing manual) :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog. I see we have a common friend, ChocolateChic =)

I love your back yard, it looks so very inviting.


CannedAm said...

Manuals! BAH!! Manuals are for people who are too lazy to figure it out (cuss, holler, swear, kick and cajole) on their own! hahahahah! DH makes fun of me all the time. "Did you read the instructions?" HAH! :p

I have to say ... everything always looks so neat and tidy in your yard & gardens & home. I'm very impressed. This is something that escapes me. My yard is littered with toys and sometimes the odd garden tool and my house....well...let's just be thankful it's not out where everyone who walks by can see it ;)

:) Enjoying as always!