Thursday, August 9, 2018

Robert who?

You'll never believe who brought a couple of people to look at our house last night............none other than ROBERT REDFORD!!!!!  I mean who knew he was a real estate agent on the side😊

The following is a true story, which made this all the funnier.  Whenever I talk to my mother I'll ask her what she's going to be "up too/doing" this coming week and she normally replies:

"Well it all depends on whether Robert is coming over or not."

The Robert she is referring to, is of course Robert Redford.  Suffice to say, I will be popping his business card into my purse to take with me to Britain to show her.

I was talking to the receptionist at the real estate agents office and her last name is BOND, asked her if she had a James in the family and yes her uncle is called James Bond!!

I would think it would be annoying to have the same name as someone famous.  What do you think?

Must say I think Robert looked the best when he was filming this movie.  Which reminds me must watch this again as I haven't seen it in a while.
It turned out that the movie star Robert, looked a lot more dashing to my mind than the real estate Robert!!


Andi's English Attic said...

How exciting! My surname is Andrews and I was often asked when younger if I was related to Julie. (not so much now).xx

Joy said...

I don't think I'd like to share my name with someone so famous. You'd never hear the end of it!

T'Pol said...

That is so funny! I wonder what your mom's reaction will be when she sees the card. Lol! Mom is a fan of RR too.

Jane said...

One of my favourite movies - my mother loved that movie too and had a crush on Paul Newman :)

William Kendall said...

I was acquainted with a family by the name of Bond back in elementary school, and the father's name was James. I think he predated the first of the movies.

Jackie said...

I am on the Ecumenical Commission for my parish and received a rather shocking email in the fall.

The email was from Michael Jackson and all I could think of was that he was dead so why on earth would he be emailing me. I almost deleted it but thought I should check out who or what this spammer wanted.

Here it was the Deacon of the Anglican Cathedral in Regina inviting me to a gathering.... Whew, glad I checked.

God bless.