Friday, September 22, 2017

Mixed bag of things for the week......

This has been dh's last week of vacation.  He will be back to work on Monday and I know I will miss him.  However it's been a miserable three weeks of vacation as I have been sick the WHOLE time.  Seriously I have no idea how this happened.  On Wednesday I came down with a head cold and stomach flu to add to everything.  I think I am that run down that I am catching everything going.

Although I take an iron pill everyday I decided to start taking a multi-vitamin to see if that helps.  I asked the pharmacist and he recommended this one:

We will see how it goes.  I am back at the doctor's next week for a follow up, so hopefully will feel a lot better by then.

It was dh's birthday this week.  I took him to Ikea for the $1 breakfast only to discover it has gone up to $2.99!!😋  Haven't been to Ikea in ages, so it was nice to have a look around.  By the time we had done that I was exhausted, so had to come home, so a rip-roaring exciting time dh had on his birthday.

The weather is stinking hot and humid at the moment, which I am hating it just tires me out more.  Tomorrow will be 39 oC with the humidity, so I will be hibernating again.

Dh signed up for Sports Net World again so Saturday morning we will binge watch the British Soccer games.  I will read the Toronto Star newspaper and continue knitting my hat.  It's for a prize for a United Way fundraiser that dd is organizing at work:

Loving the yarn I am using, it's Sidar Freya, which is 55% Cotton, 31% Acrylic and 14% Polyester and so, so soft.  I got it from The Knitting Basket.  I used this pattern, it's free from Raverly.

I think dh will be glad to go back to work as I haven't been the best company these past three weeks.......

I hope you had a better week than we did?


William Kendall said...

The hot weather persists here too. Tomorrow it'll be two weeks of this same sort of weather here.

Jackie said...

Cold and rainy here, but at least we are not getting the snow that further west is. I love the colour of the hat.

God bless.

Evelyn said...

Sorry it has been such a rotten three weeks Gill and hope you feel better

Jenn Jilks said...

You poor thing! I've heard a lot of people being sick this summer.
I'm ready for fall, but enjoying the heat, too!