Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Big Day for the two "N's"

as they both start full time Kindergarten/School today.  

Nitara has been ready for many months, and as her birthday is in January she will be one of the older kids in her year.  Over here the intake period is the year you were born, whereas in Britain, you had to be born between the prior September through to August.  So Nora is still only there so she will be one of the younger ones.

Nitara will go to school on a yellow school bus, so is all excited about that.  Nora will walk to school, or her dad will drop her off.  Both are excited about going to school, but what will happen on the actual day who knows.  I do know that Nitara will probably be fine, but Nora will have tears.

Nora will transition into the routine a lot better, as she is used to daycare.  Whereas Nitara hasn't been to daycare, so may find it a little harder to figure out the social aspect of it all.  Regardless, both will be fine after the first few days.  Here are a few photos of the two "N's" from Saturday.

When they both start talking it's difficult to get a word in edge ways!!  I do love these two and they love one another.


angela said...

Oh wow. I remember when you were posting pics of them when they were babies. And now they are off to kindergarten
The years are flying by!
May the road to education is a smooth one for both of them

Rose said...

So hard to believe they are old enough to go to school...and they are so pretty.

William Kendall said...

Very cute!