Friday, January 4, 2013

Year in Review for the "Home's of the Week,"

Toronto Life has put together their 10 best Home's, Condos and Cottages for sale in 2012.  Lets just say I don't agree with them, and I can bet you won't either.  However if you are a fan of this feature it will be fun to go back and look at some of the lovely places and cringe at some of the eye sores again!!

So here we go; "The 10 Best Home's of 2012."  Number 3 was my favourite, and absolutely hated number 9 and 7.

"The 10 Best Condos of 2012."  Loved number 4, but honestly the rest I can live without, they're all over priced for what they are.

"The 5 Best Cottages of 2012." For some reason they only come up with five cottages instead of ten?   The five that they picked all leave a lot to be desired.  Also the word "cottage" used for some of these places is so wrong, they're bloody mansions!  Still if you have a favourite let me know I'll take a second look at them.

Have managed to cash in for 4 $5 Amazon e-cards through Swagbucks so far this month.  Working towards that fifth one you who are on the computer a lot, you could be earning Swagbucks at the same time?  If you do sign up please would you use my referral link:

It's my older of my two brother's birthday's today.  Happy 40 something Birthday our Nick!!!  Often wondered if its a good thing having a birthday around Christmas time?  Before Christmas people are busy with Christmas itself and you're getting presents for Christmas anyway, so I bet a lot of people combine presents which must suck?  Then just after Christmas people have no money, though the sales are on, so I guess you may get a great gift because it was on sale?

Does anyone have a birthday either in December of January?  Also in Canada, the school year intake date is January 1st.  So January birthday's are the oldest in the year and December birthday's are the youngest.  I know two cousins, one birthday was November of one year and the other was Janaury of the next.  The one in November started school in September of 2012, but the other one had to wait until Spetember of 2013, despite only being two months apart in age.

I told poor "R" that she should try to have another baby by December of 2014, as although there would be nearly apart in age, they would only be a year apart in school.  As she pointed out it would be helpful to have this baby first.....LOL

Yes, she's still pregnant and although the baby isn't big 5 + lbs both are healthy.  She finishes work today to go on maternity leave, so I will probably see her next week sometime.  Her due date is the 18th, so two more weeks to go.


Em Parkinson said...

I like House 7 and Condo 2....I think! Have pinned the stairs in house 7 they're so beautiful. Thanks for the link - really interesting. The prices!

Evelyn said...

my birthday is in December, my oldest birthday is in december, youngest in January. Even though they are 3 years and two weeks apart in age, they are 4 years apart school wise and I have only had then in the same school at the same time one year. the biggest drawback about December-January birthdays is noone really wants to celebrate with you, they are all partied out or weather prehibits them from travelling. Also can't do barbecues or pool parties, that is what sucks the most and forget about craving an ice cream birthday cake.

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