Wednesday, January 16, 2013

While having my breakfast in a morning,

I sit at my computer desk and do certain things. 

1. Go onto Swagbucks and do the daily poll and NOSO, then do a search until I win Swaggbucks; all that takes five minutes at the most, generally only a couple. (I have set myself a goal of having 2000 Swagbucks in my account by the end of the month)

2. Check for any comments on Blogger, read and publish them.

3. Go onto Daily Mail Uk to see what's happening both celebrity and news wise.

4. Check email account and try and answer at least one email, and respond/look at other people's blogs.

All this takes at least an hour, some mornings less, some mornings more depending on how much time I have to spare.  I enjoy this time, I sometimes will write a blgo post or start one for the next day (like this one) as I feel more creative in a morning for some reason.

Do you have a routine in a morning?

Now for some unknown reason on Tuesday I had a spurt of energy and made good use of it.  Do you remember the steamer I bought, here is a link to that post.  Well I gave our bathrooms a good clean, which included steam cleaning the shower and both toilets, around the taps.  I also steam cleaned all the floors in the house, plus did some general tidying up.  By lunch time my back was complaining about it all, so I sat down to read a book for a bit.  I am really glad though that I purchased that steamer.  I use it once a week too wash the kitchen floor and no chemical is used.

Week 3 Decluttering & Budget Challenges!!
Time for new challenges!!! Are you ready?!
Decluttering Challenge: Choose a closet, any closet, and clean it out!! Pick 2 closets if you're feeling really energetic & determined!! Take before & after photos so you can awe & inspire everyone else participating in my challenges as well! ;) lol!
I actually cleaned out our spare bedroom closet on Monday, so that will count, but I will clean out something else as well, not sure what yet. 
Financial Challenge: Give. Find a way in your budget to "give" financially somehow... It doesn't have to be grand, you don't have to go hungry. I just want you to go that 'extra mile' for someone else. Buy a coffee for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop, hand a $5.00 bill to a homeless person on the way to work, throw a little extra into the collection plate at church, toss your change into the charity box in front of the register at the grocery store, etc... simply give.
This sounds simple enough, a random act of kindness always feels good.


Out My window said...

Does doing the dishes from Sunday count, if so I will do them tomorrow:)

One Family said...

My routine is read Facebook (which opens up as my default site), then emails, check my blog for any comments and then search for Swagbucks points. Then I log into work and get busy :)

~Carla~ said...

I do have a morning routine... it's usually a little hectic though. haha! I'll have to post it soon I think! :)

You're doing great on the decluttering!! I need to get it in gear again now that i've made my donation! I need to think about my RAK this week as well!! I do love to give though.. :)

Lena said...

My morning routine includes getting breakfast for both kids, kicking one out to school, changing another, then play a million games before I can get my own breakfast...before 10 :)

Kaisievic said...

My work week morning routine is to get up early - spend about an hour reading comments, replying and blog visiting. Sometimes, like you, I write a post or at least start one. Then it is off to work I go.

Stella Jones said...

Well I've certainly got clearing out to do, closets and elsewhere so thanks for the reminder!

angela said...

I usually check my Facebook, it's like reading the paper lol. Then I check emails and browse the blogs. I do all this having my breakfast and then start me day nice and relaxed. It been way too hot here to do much of anything, so I continue to monitor the news, and Facebook to see what's happening with the fires, they are raging her everywhere. Stay warm.

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