Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My latest "treasure,"

I picked up my latest silent auction win on Sunday.  What do you think it is, it is made by Fenton?  I'll tell you the answer at the end of the post:

Carla's challenge for us this week is:

Finance: Can you bring some extra money into your household this week somehow? Here are a few ideas:
  • Pick up extra hours at work
  • Sell items around the house you no longer need or use
  • Offer a service or talent
  • Come in "under" budget and add that to your weekly savings
Decluttering: Junk Drawer. We all have one, don't pretend you don't, cause I won't believe you. ;) lol! Declutter your junk drawer and post before & after photos!!

Of the two things the decluttering will be easy as I need to sort out the drawer where all the paid bills are and had been planning on doing that anyway.

The finance one will be a little more difficult.  However I was thinking of putting some Christmas Tree LED lights that we no longer use on Kijiji and advertise them as fairy lights perfect for a wedding?

So what is my vase/bowl?  It's actually a candle holder, a 6" Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Candle Holder like this one  I paid $15 for it which seems to be the going rate.  I don't have any bids in for the next couple of weeks.


j udy said...

I love the bumble bee bowl underneath. My grandmom collected them and we split them up when she passed so I still think of them when i see her

Fran said...

That is so pretty. I am also heading over to Carla's blog to check that out xxx

bonsaimum said...

Your candle holder is beautiful. I have not seen one like it before. :)

Em Parkinson said...

I'm all set for major de-cluttering. There's a cupboard that needs serious attention let alone the many drawers - Thanks for pushing me in that direction! Love the candle holder.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Good advice Gill and I love that little treasure you found. B

Evelyn said...

love it Gill!
wish I could pick up extra hours at work but am on salary.

~Carla~ said...

I had no idea what that was... I was going to guess something with candles, but then it didn't look "right" to me.. lol!! It's lovely though! You find such lovely items!! Good luck with this weeks challenge! You can pull it off! :)

EG CameraGirl said...

I LOVE the candle holder and wish it were mine. :)

DeniseinVA said...

It's beautiful. What a lovely find.

Anonymous said...

I love the hobnail milk glass!

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