Friday, March 9, 2012

Sign of Spring and home and condo of the week......

I have seen some robins over the last couple of days, so that means the better weather is on it's way.  We still have some snow but not too much.  The warm temperatures that we have had these past couple of days has been a big help in melting it.  I am starting to see some signs of life in the garden finally.  I noticed that there are lots and lots of buds on the blackcurrant bushes..........GREAT.........considering I can't stand blackcurrants.

This week's Home of the Week is okay, a bit pricy, but according to the comments, it's under priced and should sell for $3 million +  I could live in it, but I don't think the photos do it justice?  Love the ceiling in the dining room and the stair bannisters.  I wish there were more photos of the outside garden space.  Also I wonder why they painted the brick of the house?

The Condo of the Week is also okay I guess, but not much in outdoor space.  I found the comments very interesting again. There was something missing from this place though, it didn't seem very family friendly as it was advertised as a family friendly condo.  I do like that it is a two storey.

I am getting antsy with my hand being in cast and remembering I haven't to over do it.  I got this way last time.  Plus my cast is starting to look grubby which doesn't help.  I managed to get the kitchen floor washed and all the dining room chairs polished.  Mind you as we had a south west wind on Thursday morning, the fire was smoking back into the house pretty bad, plus the ashes blew back on me when I opened the patio door, so I need to give the living room a really good clean again................I got the worst of the dust cleaned up but need to give it another go over again today.

I still have one more book to read and review for this month, so want to get that done before my cast comes off.........but between me and you it's proving to be a tedious book.  I don't know what is going on this month, not sure if it's just me, or all these books are really hard work.

Poor Molly is in a state of shock at the moment, as I walked her twice on Wednesday and once on Thursday.......yes I am antsy!!!!!  Looking forward to the weekend, as dh has actually got both days off, which is very unusual, as he normally has to work on a Sunday.  So we are hoping to get the snow fences taken down. 


Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Spring? It is snowing so much here I can't see the neighbours across the way! Triple dang it all to "H***" and I was to p/u our grandson today, oh man! It sure is difficult to keep up with the dust when one has a woodstove, but I don't want to give up the kind of heat we get from it ... too nice.

Anonymous said...

I like the exterior shot of the first place...even though I've never had to wear a cast...I do sympathize with what you're going through! I have had back probs and hated when I wasn't able to do everything I wanted to do.

Marie said...

Both homes are really nice but too modern for me - give me your wood heat and home any day!

Jane and Chris said...

It's snowing here...I love the colour scheme of that house (except the red bits), and I'd swap my kitchen for that one any day! Oh, how the other half live.
Jane x

Anonymous said...


Great photos!

Enjoy Spring it's freezing here!

Piece by Piece said...

Blackcurrents, I love them. I would put them in the freezer and make jam during the Winter. When my kids were little they would put it on toast while it was still warm.
No snow here, Robins are back, the chipmunk is out of hibernation, things are showing green in the garden, warmer weather coming. You wouldn't know it today though, that wind is bitter.

Karine said...

I understand your getting antsy, I would too! No robins in the Montreal area yet that I've seen or heard and definitely no buds on anything!

Maggie said...

I enjoyed looking at the houses but both are not 'lived in' enough for me, i prefer something more homely.

I haven't picked a book up in a while, no time and too tired when i get into bed to even read!

Hope the hand heals quickly

peppylady (Dora) said...

I saw my first robin around the 22nd of February. But this morning I saw a big male sitting so proudly in a cottonwood tree.
Plus there was a large red head wood pecker working on a newly made snag.

So as for your current bush what do you do with your currents? I would like more fruit around my place.

I have a few of my spring bulbs showing up but nothing blooming yet. One person I know who has her crocus started to open up.
So tomorrow I'll have picture of my hodgepodge flowerbed but no color showing.

Rose said...

Well, thought the looks of the home of the week was not bad from the outside, I just was not crazy over it. Would take your house any day of the week and six times on Sunday...yours looks like a home. These just do not look like home...they look like a place of business.

Meri said...

No robins here yet, but the snow is melting and the air smells so good. Little birdies are singing, beautiful day.

Cash Only Living said...

Ouuu love the house! And I can't believe you got all of that clenaing done with ONE hand! YOu go girl!