Wednesday, April 15, 2009

50 + 1 Recipes for Kiwi Fruit

Other than eating these raw, I have never thought of eating them any other way. So it will be interesting to see what recipes are out there for this fruit.

1. Banana Kiwi Spring Rolls

2. Banana Kiwi Pudding

3. Blood Orange and Kiwi with Pralines

4. Kiwi Fruit Cream

5. Kiwi Fruit Muffins

6. Kiwi Jam

7. Kiwi Lime Sole

8. Dessert Pizza

9. Kiwi Pie

10. Kiwi Pork Midora


12. Kiwi Frozen Yogurt Pie

13. Kiwi Fruit Muffins

14. Kiwi Lime Marmalade

15. Kiwi Fruit Jellies

16. Kiwi Cheesecake

17. Kiwi Fruit Sorbet

18. Kiwi Fruit Cream

19. Kiwi Chutney

20. Kiwi Cranberry Fool

21. Kiwifruit Bread

22. Kiwifruit Yogurt Whip

23. Kiwi Chicken Salad

24. Kiwi and Orange Sabayon Gratin

25. Pomegranate, Orange, Papaya, and Kiwi Green Salad Recipe!

26. Kiwi Lemon Cheesecake

27. Kiwi Lemon Breeze Smoothie

28. Chicken Breast with Kiwi Sauce

29. Mint Flavoured Kiwi Sorbet

30. Kiwifruit Syllabub

31. Kiwifruit and Banana Pavlova

32. Kiwi Bulgar Salad

33. Kiwifruit Dressing

34. Stir-Fried Kiwi Pork

35. Kiwi Lamb Skewers

36. Kiwi Fish Curry

37. Avocado with Kiwifruit

38. Kiwi Glazed Camembert

39. Kiwifruit Ginger Spiced Squash

40. Gingered Prawn and Kiwi Brochettes

41. Strawberry-Kiwifruit Jam

42. Kiwi Fruit Gelato

43. Upside down Pineapple and Kiwifruit Cake

44. White Chocolate Mousse with Kiwi Sauce

45. Kiwifruit and Pineapple Ice

46. Kiwifruit Breakfast Split

47. Kiwifruit Stacks with Cinnamon Mascarpone

48. Kiwifruit Shortbread Tart

49. Layered Peach and Kiwi Trifle

50. Mango Under Kiwis

51. Roast Turkey Tenderloins with Kiwi Slaw

Nutritional Info

I didn't realize there was so much you could do with Kiwi's. They are a relatively cheap fruit here, I must make more of an effort to eat more of them.

Next week it's Peaches


AmyK said...

Oooh, yum! I love kiwi, and these are some VERY creative-sounding recipes!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had no idea that there were many recipes for kiwis. I just cut them in half and eat with a spoon.

Decadent Housewife said...

I love kiwi but some people are allergic to them here. So sad! :(

Barry Kraft said...

yummmy... Kiwi Jam. This is more like preserves. If you want jam, I would suggest using commercial pectin, instead of the apples. The flavor was exceptional. Very good recipe. I and everyone I shared it with loved it. I too had 5 cups of kiwi so I added a little more pineapple and lemon juice. thank you for sharing your post.

Anonymous said...

I wish I were able to open the Kiwi Jam recipe. Is it possible for you to send? We have tons from our neighbor's tree. Many thanks, Milvi

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