Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oil prices, house sale, snow and wills!!!.

Forgot to tell you about the oil delivery last week.  They charged us nearly $1.22 a litre for oil.  So our bill was over $600 for the month????  We normally average around $1,800 a year for our oil.  So far this year it has cost us just over $1,100.  That's just bloody crazy.  We have been turning up the heating when people have been visiting the house but even so.

Got an email from Sarah to say that the home inspection went well on our house, YEAH for that.  Also the couple had an offer on their house subject to financing and home inspection.  So fingers, toes and everything else crossed that all goes well.

I had to blow out the driveway again yesterday, as did dh when he got home.  We have a couple of issues with our snow blower which has resulted in the shear pins being broken off one side of the blower and the plug is now broken, so no electric start {{{SIGH}}}  Fingers, toes and everything crossed again we don't get too much snow until dh can repair it.  As I find it really hard using the pull start, as does dh with his suspected torn rotator cuff.  He finally has an appointment for an MRI on the 24th of this month.

I also finally got around to contacting a lawyer in town to see what was what regarding the house sale and purchase.  I bet we don't see much change if any out of $5,000 when all is said and done.  What with the set fee's, taxes, disbursements, title insurance and Land Transfer Tax.  Also enquired about getting an updated will and power of attorney for us both and that is $600 plus taxes {{{SIGH}}}  We need to get that done though, so we may as well do it when we are at the lawyers office.  We would be getting what they call "Mirror Wills,"  plain, simple and straight forward.  If I die dh gets everything, if he dies I get everything.  If both of us die the kids split everything half and half...............wonder what they'll do with their $20...LOL

Do you have your will's prepared?


Buttons said...

More people should think of wills they have no idea the trouble if there is not one. Great news on the house not the oil or the blower. Hug B

Lena said...

I'm glad the inspection went well!

Piece by Piece said...

Hope crossing your fingers and other body parts will help the sale for both you and the other family.
I re-wrote my will when my husband died 3 1/2 years ago, (I can't believe it has been that long). Mine is a simple one too, leaving everything to my children equally, if there is anything left to divide after all my travelling. LOL
My gas bill is the highest it has ever been, gotta keep warm though don't we. Spring can't come too soon for me.

angela said...

I think the snow blower is a sign that you will no longer need it. Your going to sell and live where there is less worry about all the snow. Yes we have wills since both the children arrived. Have updated them and like you its if one dies the other gets everything and if we both die the kids get to split up what we have between them.

Lori said...

Yup, we got mirror wills and livingbwills, we gave DD a copy in case anything happened to both of us. She won't have to share her $20 with anyone as she's an only child. 😁

Jane said...

Having an expensive start to your year aren't you? Hopefully once all of the houses sell and you complete your purchase the dust will settle and you'll end up well into the black! That's one hell of an oil bill :(

William Kendall said...

So much to do, and until the house gets sold and squared away, that won't change. Hopefully it comes out quickly.

My parents changed their will a year or so before my mother passed, changing executors to my younger brother, where it had been myself and one of my two sisters. It's just as well... my sisters and I have had a rather permanent parting of the ways, and dealing with either of them over things like a will would just be too many headaches.

Rose said...

What a great line: Wonder what they would do with their $20?

Sounds like things are looking good for getting your house sold. Wondering if you sell it, will you get to live there long enough for your new house to be finished or will you have to find a place to live?

Evelyn said...

no will prepared yet but it would be the same as yours. not sure what it means for the 16 year old if I have to appoint a guardian until he is 19? anyhow, fingers crossed all goes through smoothly and no more snow!

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said... will, but nothing to leave anyway! People have been listed in my life insurance though :)

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