Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Such a softie.........

Sitting here writing this on Tuesday night in tears.  Why?  Watching Coronation Street and it's Haley's last day.  It's funny I know what is going to happen but it doesn't make it any easier.  Feel so sorry for Roy; all this sadness and crying for a flipping soap opera that's not even real.

Had Sarah around today (Tuesday) to make sure we are ready to have the photos taken to put the house up for sale.  Due to another winter storm coming in Tuesday night through Wednesday (that's nice!!) the photos won't be taken until Thursday but it will be on the market late Friday/Saturday.

As I said to Sarah on Tuesday I have ran out of steam.  Enough of all this cleaning and trying to make the house perfect.  We have done as much as we can now and it is what it is.

Sarah has a couple of websites that may be of interest to you and  Sarah is going to do a blog post of the "photo shoot" so that should be interesting also as it will highlight some of the things we did. 

Oh and finally our Miss Nora got her two month shots (better later than never) and would you believe she is up to 12 lbs 11.25 oz.  That girl enjoys her food!!!


EG CameraGirl said...

You'll be glad once the photos re taken and the house is finally on the market.

It was sad last night when Haley died, I agree. Do you know that Coronation Street will be on at 6:30 during the Olympics?

Buttons said...

Oh my sister loves Coronation Street I wonder if she cried.
That would be cool to see your house on a blog.
Rest now it will sell. it is beautiful. Hug B

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I have been watching Coronation Street on Hulu but I am only up to last May. Love it though and when I watch through Hulu it just keeps going through the episodes -- while I have been under the weather I have watched hours and hours of it! I am just a sucker for soap operas. I am sure you are ready for the house business to be over. Looking forward to reading about your house hunt though. Such fun! No, I really mean it -- I love looking at houses.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

We haven't watched Corrie since we left Canada in November!! Will be a marathon catch up when we get home.
I know I will cry.

Can't wait to see the photos. I feel your pain having done the same exercise a year ago!

Jane and Chris said...

Just think, you are on the final stretch now.
Jane x

Rose said...

Hey, us women are allowed to cry. Tears flowed at the superbowl ad I posted the other day...the one with the Clydesdale and the puppy.

What is funny with me...seems like things that are beautiful and I love make me cry as much as stuff that is sad.

Karen said...

My name is Karen and I am also a Corrie addict. The last few weeks of Halley's demise have been so hard to watch. Her passing last night brought me to tears as well. I was really surprised that the man of the house put down his laptop and watched the closing scenes with me! He didn't say anything, but I do think he was moved.
I sure hope your house sells SOON. My dear sister has finally sold her house. I can't believe how much her life has changed since moving from that place. She actually HAS a life again. Since moving to the condo unit she is participating in activities they offer and gets out and about with friends she has made there.

Jane said...

I'm such a wuss too, even commercials can make me cry! I'm sure your home will look lovely in its professional shots! You did good Gill!

William Kendall said...

From what I've seen of Corrie fans, they're utterly devoted. I've never seen more than odd glimpses of the program.