Monday, February 17, 2014

Open House, more light fixtures and someone was 3 months old on Sunday!

Despite mine and dh's reservations, the open house on Sunday was a success as Sarah said there were seven different families over.  All were positive, but none were able to make a firm offer, as all/some had properties to sell.  Sarah was pleased though so that was good. In a city property that would be normal, but in a country property that is unusual to have so many people at an open house.

We had to go out for the two hours, so I dragged dh to a couple of stores including Rafters Living Lighting Store to look at light fixtures.  As although the builder does put in light fixtures, I never like them!!  All the light photos below are to go over the dining room table.

This one was lovely in "real life," the photo doesn't do it justice.  This one was $740.......did I mention I have expensive tastes...LOL This light fixture was from this company.
 We loved this one and it was cheaper at $640.  
 Here is a close up of the light and here is the web site for the firm.
 Liked this one as well, but forgot to get the company information.
 Then here is Miss Nora at three months old.  The headband was soon off as it turns out she neither likes headbands nor shoes on her feet!!
Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks of hers!!  Just a head's up her 4 month photo will have a St. Patrick's Day theme I am told!!

Finally, if you enjoy looking at figures/statistics/graphs, here is a link for the numbers for people looking at our house photos online:


Anonymous said...

She is just a little lovey!

Teri C

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Good job on the Open House ! and as for little Nora, you could cuddle her forever I am sure.

Boopnut said...

You have very modern taste in light fixtures! Cute little pudgy baby!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Good news about the house they lights wow:) Miss Nora oh yes those are very beautiful cheeks. Hug B

Aodhnait said...

Looking forward to the St. Patrick's day themed photo! ;-)

Mysti said...

I thought the light you showed us the other day was for the dining room??

I am going to keep bugging you until I get that cousin picture!!!! They are both so cute....why not showcase them together!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Love the light fixtures -- we looked at some similar ones when we replaced builder's fixitures. Love that baby although it does seem like she is again at an alarmingly rapid rate! She is beautiful and yes, I would like to pinch those cheeks. My granddaughter will only wear headbands with a bow on them -- no ponytails or pig tails or hair clips. She isn't fond of shoes either -- guess she got that from me!

Jane and Chris said...

I'm with Nora, I hate wearing shoes!
Jane x

Rose said...

I'd just love to cuddle Nora and pinch her cheeks and pound her bottom! (Does anyone besides me like to pat their bottoms...I call it pounding but don't mean it for real.)

William Kendall said...

She's adorable!

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