Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some photos and other things....

I mentioned a while ago how when we built the new closet in our bedroom, there was a small closet to move.  This is it below.  It had the one shelf in it and some hooks.  Basically useless, but very decorative.

So I got dh to make some shelves, which I covered in plastic paper.  I made a curtain for the mesh window.
And voila this is what it looks like now.
Now I took these photos on Wednesday afternoon, and there is still another coat of paint to go on the walls, and actually at that time I still had to do the final coat on the ceiling.  I ended up choosing a lighter colour than the closet, as the imperfections on the walls was crazy and it's drywall/plasterboard walls.  Who ever did it, couldn't drywall.  So I knew the darker the colour on the walls the more the imperfections show up.  Also with having so much dark wood in the place the lighter the walls the better.

So I went with a colour called "Light Sugar."  It's darker than a Magnolia colour, more like a cream colour and it looks good!!  I have discovered however I dislike painting ceilings.  Dh normally does it, but with him working so many hours, and me being at home, I had a go.  I generally love painting, but painting ceilings are a whole new kettle of fish...LOL

I bbq-ed cremated again on Wednesday night.  I even followed your tips, and made sure the rest of supper was ready (potato salad, coleslaw, and mixed bean salad), so I could concentrate on cooking the burgers.  However I still managed to slighty burn the burgers.  To be fair they weren't as burnt as they normally are.  So there is hope for me yet!!

Today is the start of a new month for the Daily Savings Club.  Did you remember to put your money in your daily savings pot today?

Today's Money Saving Tip:

Right after you open a can of paint,  take a nail and hammer a hole in the dip of the rim, this way after you pour your paint, the paint won't pool up in the dip, it will drip back into the can. This way you won't have a mess when you go to put the lid back on and it will be easier to reopen.

Oh, and keep an eye on my weather icon, as we are having some gorgeous weather at the moment and it's just glorious..........almost summer like.


LizBeth said...

I love your closet! I'd have another pantry. Thinking about getting DH to do something similar in the living room.

Ceilings . . . . ugh! Kills my neck. Hand goes numb! I'd wait for hubby to come home. Tell him it needs his expert touch. LOL

Hope you aren't getting any headaches from the fumes. Reminds me, the doc told my DH that "they" have done some recent studies to connect sinus headaches with the onset of migraines. Seems some people have more sensitive sinuses than others. Hubby can get a sinus headache that will go one for days, but it doesn't seem to hurt the most where he should be having sinus pain. This migraine theory seems to fit the bill because the sinus med never knocks it out. Beware!!!!

Liz, Republic of Texas

flowerpower said...

looks like a great place to keep books dust free.

Leiani said...

What a cute little cupboard!!! I would love something like that in my house. I'm sure it will come in handly for many little things. Good job!

Limey said...

That is really nice! Good work! You are a very handy couple!

scrappy quilter said...

I love how your closet turned out. I too don't like painting ceilings. Hugs

Karine said...

That closet is lovely, Gill, you guys did a lovely job with it!