Sunday, April 4, 2010

A birthday, an award, and other stuff

It's our first borns' birthday today.  Ds is 26 today.  He was born around 1:30am British time after me only being in labour a "few" hours and me being moved from one hospital to another one 30 minutes away, as the doctor didn't want to stay up all night waiting for me.  Oh and I also slept for ages in between as the pethidine sent me to sleep.

I only ended up going to the hospital in the first place as I developed a "slow leak" in my waters.  I remembered waddling into the hospital with a hand towel stuck in my underwear as nothing else would work.  No idea why these strange things happen to me???  Ds was was due on the 12th and arrived on the 4th, although it was a toss up as to whether he would arrive on the 3rd, which is my cousins birthday.

I do remember that the delivery rooms and the maternity ward being chock a block full.  I also remember being woken up in the middle of the night by the nurse asking if I was breast or bottle feeding, and me asking if ds wanted to be fed, and her telling me no, they just wanted to know???

Oh, and I nearly forgot, I had shingles, so there was a bit of confusion as to whether I could breast feed or not.  I could it turned out.  All in all a very straight forward pregnancy and delivery!!

I got this award from Tracey, thank you Tracey.

Now I have to tell you 7 things about me...trouble is I think you all know everything!

1. I won't watch scary shows or movies as they give me nightmares.

2. I hate raisins, currents and sultanas, and happened to marry someone who also hates them, very convenient if you ask me, and now the kids won't eat them either.

3. I am as sick as a dog when I fly, I am not afraid of flying, it just doesn't agree with my system.

4. I will not touch dark chocolate as I get terrible headaches with it.  All other chocolate I will eat!!

5. I was actually on the school field hockey and netball teams and wore the school sashes.......

6. I tried out to become a police officer, didn't get in though.

7. I don't drink alcohol.........I used to, I find all it does for me is make me sleepy.

Did you remember to put your money in your daily savings pot today?

Today's Money Saving Tip:

Say NO to those asking for money. Aren't you just about tired of seemingly everyone asking for your money? You don't ask for money, so why should others?

Not only is this one of the money saving ideas because you hang onto your money, but it will also help you keep from getting "taken" by the con artists that abound. Here is a quick list of tips:

Get on the "no call" lists.

Ask phone solicitors to take you off their call list.

Hang up on pushy solicitors.

Offer to perform a service for the organization instead of giving money. They won't accept your offer, and that will end the call.

Request a number where you can call back, then never call back.

If you're going to cave in, them tell them to call you back later. When they call back, have the courage to give them the "cold shoulder."

Speak gibberish or another language during the entire phone call.

Ask them to hold on for a moment, then go out and cut the grass or fix yourself a meal.

It's your money, so just say no to others that think it will change hands simply based on a request. You have your own hard financial battles to fight, and you don't need others taking away your ammunition.

Like many other things in life, one of the great money saving ideas is simply to say NO.


LizBeth said...

I need to print out your list. Hubby is too kind to say no, so he sends me to the door or hands me the phone so I can do it. Next time I'll ask them for money.

Happy Easter!

Liz, awake in The Republic of Texas

Kadeeae said...

Happy Easter to you and yours, Gill =)

~Kim~ said...

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son!! I hope on his birthday that you've done like all good Mom's, and reminded him of what you went through for him! :-)))

I like your list too--It lets us all learn a little more about you!! Happy Easter Gill!!!

that british woman s brother said...

happy birthdat to ds - as usual i forgot . i hope all is well with you and yours - i take it its a family gathering today - so say hello to all and i will catch up with all later

Catherine said...

Hi Gill, found your blog via I', trying honestly. I just wanted to tell you our firstborn's birthday was yesterday April 3rd but he was 28! So happy birthday to your son too, and I will have a look at more of your blog too. All the best from Ireland, have a nice Easter. Please visit/follow my blog too if you like.

Lib said...

Happy Easter!

Amy said...

Happy birthday to your son...same age as me! but I will be 27 in june!

Happy Easter xxx

Tracey said...

Why didn't the police force want you?!!! Hope you all had a good weekend, have sent you some

Karine said...

Happy birthday to DS! I loved your telemarketer suggestions, they were hilarious :o)

Happy Easter!

scrappy quilter said...

Happy Easter friend. Congrats on the award. Hugs

SandyCarlson said...

Happy birthday to your child!

Thanks for the money advice. I will take ALL of it.

Zhu said...

I'm also the first born (27, just a bit older than your son) and my mum clearly remember my birth. Apparently the first one is hard to forget lol

Sisters of the Blog said...

I often read your blog and like it very much. I'm with you on #1 (7things about me list). Bless my DH, he doesn't laugh at me, but will let me know if a movie's too scary for me to watch (sadly, many of them that are R-rated are).

If you have to fly, have your tried those pressure bands (the brand name might be 'Sea Bands')? They're advertised mostly for seasickness, and i've seen them work for that. I saw a child wearing them at an airport one time and asked her mum if they helped. The mum said yes.