Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Molly - Part II

Molly normally sleeps in our bedroom on a large comforter/duvet I have on the floor for her.  However these past two weeks or so, she has stayed downstairs all night and slept on the sofa, which is obviously more comfortable for her!!

Personally I have no problem with this, as it's one less person in our bedroom that snores!!  On Sunday night/Monday morning, at 1:30am we were awoken from our sleep by Molly barking like a crazy dog.  So I trot downstairs and what ever had wandered through the property had obviously gone, as I couldn't see it, but Molly was bouncing around the family room, like a dog on drugs!!

So I yelled at her, and "ushered" upstairs into our bedroom for the rest of the night.  There just isn't words to describe being woken up from a deep sleep by a barking dog, well no words that I can write here anyway!

So what is interesting Molly do you think?

Yep, it's a squirrel sunning itself on the log pile.  They have got a nest in there somewhere, and I am sure they take great delight in tormenting Molly by just sitting there, knowing full well she can't get off the deck!
Then to confuse the situation, another squirrel appeared in the tree.
Both squirrels were chatting back and forward, probably making fun of Molly!!

Ended up with a blister on Monday!! We have a huge willow tree at the edge of the driveway that "sheds" twigs all through the winter.  So I spent an hour raking them up and carting them to the firepit and that's how I ended up with a blister on my hands!!  I got around 3/4 done, so I'll finish it off today.

Dh made a start on another project on Monday.  Where the old stairs were in the attic, we are going to make a linen closet, and we are also going to re-do the closet in the spare bedroom.  So this means removing plaster and lathe in the linen closet and pulling down drywall in the spare bedroom closet.  So another messy job, but it will be well worth it when we get it done.

The attic is on hold until the guys come back to finish off the corners in May.

Did you remember to put your money in your Daily Savings Pot?

Today's money saving tip:

If you do need to purchase some plants, be sure to buy the kinds that will pay dividends. Buy perennial plants which need dividing every 3 - 5 years.

You can also start your own cuttings from woody stemmed type shrubs. Flowers like dahlias & calla lilies come from tubers that need to be divided regularly, too. Over just a few years, an initial investment in these types of plants will yield a very full garden.


LizBeth said...

Best security is a barking dog. Maybe it was a GIANT squirrel. It was dark, you know. Or, it could have been a . . . .

We had to go to WalMart yesterday and couldn't take DearDog with us to the bank on the way. The cashier sent Baby a biscuit. Now that is real service!

Liz, Republic of Texas

~Kim~ said...

It could be that Molly is involved in some covert operation and is signaling her contact...Okay maybe not, but I wish I also knew why our dogs bark when I know good and well, there's nothing there! Maybe it is just to wake us up! :-)
I forgot to thank-you for the link to the Rolling Dog Ranch--I think I need to move to New Hamshire too!!

GrammyGoo said...

Oh Gill , that is too funny! I am amazed at what occupies the mind of Mercy & Cleo for hours. Love the tip on the plants !
Blessings, Ella

Stephanie V said...

Poor Molly. I can see the little squirrel family sitting down to a conference. What new torment can we bring to that barking creature?

Tracey said...

They're worse than kids! She had a nightmare bless her...LOL xxx

Patty said...

Maybe she saw a big raccoon. If she's anything like the dogs we have had in the past, she barks at everything. You could always let her sleep in the spare bedroom, save less snoring.

Denise said...

Good little guard dog!

Star said...

That's a yummy look squirrel! It looks like a red one? Am I right? Molly looks very interested doesn't she. You are a busy lady lately aren't you. Every time I check back here you're a doing something...!
Blessings, Star

Chicken Boys said...

My Max has been sleeping in the living room in the rocking chair lately. But he would be greatly chastized if he were to bark in the middle of the night at something other than a person or any animal attacking the chickens.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Those darned squirrels - I'll bet they hatch a scheme to get Molly going! A

EG Wow said...

You sure are doing a ton of renovating.

Poor Molly. Squirrels really do like to tease!

Karine said...

Oh dear, I can imagine that a barking dog is not a fun way to wake up. Ours never barked at night because my mom always brought them into the bedroom with her when she went to bed. It was never even an option in their case and luckily for my mom, they never had any objection to the arrangement either lol

Why wouldn't invisible fencing work for a Beagle?

Anil P said...

Molly must've seen or heard something something. Never a pleasant experience being woken up in the night from barking.

Familiarity breeds contempt as they say, so I presume Molly will eventually let the squirrels be.