Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another busy day and OUCH!

Remember what I did with the closet on Tuesday?  Well did the same first thing Wednesday morning.  Then I cleaned out the fireplace, brought in some firewood.  Washed the bathroom floor and the stairs and upstairs landing.  Hoovered the dog hair off the sofa, chair and ottoman.  Had a shower and did a load of ironing, plus spent some time on the computer.  All before 9:45am.

I then had to pop into town for a "business meeting" for 10am.  I was bartering my "expertise," about advertising and building up their clientele in exchange for them repairing my lawn tractor tire.  The meeting went well. 

Didn't get back home until 12:30pm.  Had lunch, then went outside and lit the firepit fire.  Had to supervise that to make sure it didn't get out of control.  While I was watching that, I moved all the lathe I had thrown out of the bathroom window onto the firepit.  When the fire had died down a bit I came inside and typed a letter to a friend, keeping an eye on the fire.

By this time it was 2:30pm and my arm/shoulder was killing me.  Obviously carrying another seven garbage bags of plaster down the stairs again hadn't done me any good.

Around 3pm one of the neighbours popped over to see if we had found Molly and was slightly ticked off that I hadn't been around to tell him we had found her.  So after he went, I called around the other neighbours houses, and left a thank you note if they weren't in.  The one neighbour was in, so talked directly to him.  I took Molly with me in the car. I will maybe bake a cake for the ticked off guy, as an apology?

It was 3:45 pm by the time I got back , so put some pasta sauce on to slow cook.  Watched Eastenders at 4pm.  Then washed a pile of dishes.  Put dh's lunch up for Thursday, put pasta on to cook, so we could eat supper at 5pm.

Meanwhile the pain in my shoulder was going from bad to worse.  Spent the rest of the night watching tv and relaxing in the hopes my shoulder will be a lot better by Thursday morning.

So due to my shoulder hurting me, I wasn't on the computer much after supper time.  So I'll hopefully catch up with you all on Thursday.


Sandra said...

The things that can be done if you start early! But you are almost a Superwoman doing all that with a painful shoulder! I hope the rest and a good sleep helped.


PS: baking that cake doesn't sound like a bad idea:))

LizBeth said...

Wow! You sound like pioneer stock! You better hook Molly up to the plow next time. Take the day off, and put some ice on that shoulder. 20 minutes every hour. Bag of frozen peas or corn works well in a pinch. Can't have you off too long with rotator cuff. What would we do?

Liz, Republic of Texas

Chicken Boys said...

Wow! Sounds like one of Mike's days. I'm ticked off. Can I have a cake? LOL Hope the rest of your week and weeked are a little slower.

Denise said...

Sorry about the sore shoulder Gill and I think that man is going to smile ear to ear when you bring him over one of your delicious cakes.

Tracey said...

For Heavens sake REST THEN! Yes, & bake the grumpy git a cake....he'll love you forever then!xxx

~Kim~ said...

Gill, you wear me out just reading what you're doing!! Hope that shoulder and you get some much needed rest!!