Friday, April 30, 2010

News Flash, we went out on Thursday night!!!

I know shocker, as we never go anywhere.  However, dh got me tickets to this event for my birthday.

Now as I am writing this on Thursday afternoon, I neither have photos, or can tell you which piece of art I came home with.

I can tell you which are my top 10 favourties:








HENRY RAETSEN - Flight of the Phoenix

MAUREEN LOWRY - Lakeside Colour

So it should be interesting to see if I come home with any of my choices.

Dd is also going and here are her top two choices:

and this one:

However, me and dd said that knowing our luck we could end up with either this or this.....I hope not though!!

Also this one is worth close to $2,500!!  However I don't like it, and neither does dd.

I will take my camera and tell you all about it on Friday or Saturday. 

Oh and on squirrel tv we had a guest appearance by Mr. Blue Jay:

Please forgive the dirty window, I didn't get it cleaned until after I took the photo........I know what is my problem!!!!!  I had only cleaned it the day before, but Molly is like a toddler, finger/nose prints everywhere!!


LizBeth said...

Puppies and small children will keep us young at heart. I love the nose prints. Frame them!!

Love the gallery. I haven't been gallery sailing in years. Maybe I'll open my own right here! Been looking for something to do that's unique in this little berg. See how ideas just pop out when you least expect them?

Liz, in the Artful Republic

Tracey said...

Hurray! Going out and dirty windows!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Denise said...

Have a great time Gill, and I love that photo.

Star said...

I didn't notice the dirty window but I did see the beautiful bird. So glad you had a trip out and enjoyed yourself. You've been working very hard lately.
Blessings, Star

fizzycat said...

Lovely prints, liked flight of the Phoenix best.Bluejay very cute as well.

Toria said...

Marks on glass windows & doors are an added safety feature, to stop people walking into them (or putting their head through) accidentally.

Leigh Russell said...

Life's too short to spend it cleaning windows. I'm glad you went out instead. Much better idea.

The Handmaden said...

I bet you go out more than I do!
I like your taste in art, some of those pieces are really beautiful, so I hope you get one of those too.