Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just when you think things can't get any busier/chaotic......

Something else happens.

We are having some work done down the old basement, and some new windows put in both basements.  As far as we were aware the guys were booked in to start the job on May 18th; which by the way took me two weeks just to get a date out of them.

So on Monday the secretary called just before lunch time and asked if they could start on possibly Wednesday afternoon, definitely Thursday at the latest.  So I said no problem, but they were going to have to take up the deck, as dh wouldn't have time to do that......

Around 2:30pm on Monday she calls again and asks if they could move it forward as the Tuesday and Wednesday job they had planned had fallen through.  So I said fine, meanwhile me and dh had to clear out the old basement so they had room to work.  This was a job I hadn't planned on doing until Tuesday morning.  Infact this wasn't a job I had planned on doing until May!

I spent the morning cleaning the house, or attempting to.  Did a couple loads of laundry, that needed ironing when it had dried.  I planted some onions and lettuce in my cold frame.  Planted the two shrubs I had bought on the weekend.   Saw the first snake of the season, quite surprised as I didn't think it was warm enough for them.

I had bought some pork chops on clearance on Saturday, so had to cook them.  Made enough for a meal for Monday night and a meal for the freezer.  I had pulled out some ground beef/mince out of the freezer, and hadn't got around to using it.  So made a couple of shepherd's pies for the freezer.  Plus as we have workmen in all week, that will be handy as a quick meal for us.  Then while the oven was on for the chops, I made an apple crisp with some apples that needed to be used up.

After supper I tackled the grass again and got the field finally finished.  Also took a stick and got rid of the caterpillar nests in some of the trees.  Figured if I keep on top of them, I will hopefully stop them eating the trees this year.

Being the church greeter on Sunday was good.  I made sure I was pleasant to everyone, and reminded a few people I needed the recipes, and everyone was very friendly.  This coming week when I am the greeter again, I will also be helping out setting up for the after service coffee and cake meeting, that they have once a month.  So that should be good.

Here is my column for the Eden Valley Messenger. I think I will do the same one for the Orangeville Banner, this week as well, as it's relevant for those readers as well.


LizBeth said...

Sure you didn't leave something out???? Glad to know about the caterpillars. I think that if I saw you from afar, I'd wonder about That British Woman out beating the trees with a stick.

I like the after service cake and coffee idea. Chocolate . . . . . !!!

Liz, Republic of Texas

EG Wow said...

You sound very, very busy AND organized!

Tracey said...

Have you had time to polish your bloody halo??? LOL It knackers me out reading your posts! xxxxxxxxxxx

Karine said...

Oh my God, I don't know how you can handle all that, I would have a burnout if I were you!!! Burt yeah, there's no risk of that since I'm WAY TOO SLOW to ever do that much in one day!!!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

dont frazzle yourself out!

The Witch said...

Your worse than a busy bee. My god slow down some and smell the flowers. You make us all feel like slackers.
I hope these workers show up and do a good job. Maybe they will clean up the mess afterwords.
Love you post requarding the lawn tractor. We had our land rolled and it's not so rough a ride. But a know what you are saying.
Hearing protection and safety glasses are a must.
Hope you have some before and after shots.
Take care and try not to work so hard tomorrow.

Laurie said...

Gill, I've been reading your blog for some time, so thought I might as well post a comment.

Yes, you are a busy lady (including mowing your 5 acres).

Love your blog!