Saturday, April 3, 2010

My two columns........and a bit of a strange/funny story....

Here is a link to my column this week at the Eden Valley Messenger, where I talk about being both British and Canadian.  Here is a link to my column in the Orangeville Banner, where I talk about the idiots on the road and how no one takes a blind bit of notice of the speed limits.

I think I am going to use the Eden Valley Messenger column on the Orangeville column next week, as I think its pertinent to both columns in this case. 

I forgot to tell you about this yesterday.  On Thursday we had a dove fly into our family room window.  There is nothing unusual about birds flying into our windows, except this one really hit the window hard.  Both me and Molly went running to the window to see what had hit it as there was such a bang.  I looked down and on the ground was a poor dove.  A very dazed dove, who looked as though it had hit the bottle.  It was staggering around and shaking it's head.  It was the funniest thing to watch. 

However, it then stopped moving and I have to say I got worried enough that I called the vet to see what I should do.  They told me to bring it in and they would put it out of its misery.  Well, I must admit, I wasn't happy with that idea.  So they told me to pick it up and put it in a tree out of harms way then.  So I went outside to pick it up, and as I was approaching it flew into the nearest tree, where it stayed for a couple of hours.  It then flew away.  I bet that poor birdie had one heck of a headache!!

Also on the way home from the hospital I had to stop on the road to let a wild turkey cross (back road through Mono Centre, dad) and for one brief moment as I was sitting there a thought flashed through my mind......EASTER then the turkey had wandered off.

However the more I think about it, how on earth would I have caught a turkey?  Then if I did actually catch it, how on earth would I have killed it?  I know you are supposed to wring their necks........well I think that's how you kill birds......but one look into its eyes and that would have been it, I would have had to bring it home as a pet and what would Molly have thought of that?

Then there will be the process of plucking it and emptying its inside's (icky), and would there be a lot of blood????  Oh for goodness sakes, it's easier and less aggrevating to go to the store and buy a bloody turkey!!

Gosh, I am stressed now, all because I saw a wild turkey!!

As I am typing this on Friday night, I am not sure which part of my body aches the most.  Me and dh spent the day putting our bedroom back together.  Dh put up two new lights in our bedroom and changed all the sockets and switches.  My job was to clean all the woodwork, as the masking tape I used sucked, even though it was the green stuff, and my paint bled behind the tape.  So I spent ages scraping off the paint of all the wood.

I still have a few bits and bobs to do, like fill up the small closet.  Dh still has the handles to put on the closet, and then I think that's it......thank goodness!!  Another job completed.

Did you remember to put your money in your Daily Savings Pot today?

Today's Money Saving Tip:

Instead of getting your hair cut every six weeks, stretch it too 9 weeks....

Again I apologise for not getting to your blogs, I am so tired and we have been so busy. 


LizBeth said...

Hope you are sleeping this very minute, counting turkeys with feathers! Wish I were.

Liz, Republic of Texas

Tracey said...

Paul used to shoot a lot & would always bring home pheasants & pigeons...I didn't mind cooking them but he used to pluck them. The thing I did mind was getting a mouth full of shot when eating the damn things! xxx

Kadeeae said...

Thank goodness the dove 'woke up'! Can't imagine if you had decided to take it to the vet and it came to in the car!

Karine said...

I'm glad the dove ended up being all right. I once climbed out of my bedroom window and onto the first floor roof of our house to fish out a little Chickadee that had whacked my window pretty hard out the gutter. He had landed in there upside down the poor little guy, luckily there was no water in the the gutter. I set him down on the roof and he flew into the cedar tree by my window a little while later before eventually flying off.

I've been missing your comments on my blog, I'm looking forward to your being able to come around again!

scrappy quilter said...

Just a little side note on the also need a license to kill it, at least in our province!! They say they are good eating though. We have them here most of the year. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Winifred said...

Think I'd feel the same as you about having the best of both nationalities. Nice to know you can have it all!

Pleased the dove survived have a Happy Easter.

Zhu said...

Your windows must be very clean, I doubt a bird will ever crash into mines! :-)

I'm glad your story has a happy ending. Poor bird... don't drink and fly!

(Re. your money tips -are we even supposed to get a haircut every six weeks? Man, I was saving money and I didn't even know it!)