Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring lambs, and other stuff........

Coming from the "fells" in the Eden Valley one thing we saw a lot of were sheep.  It's something we don't see very often here in Southern Ontario.  However on one of the backs roads to one of the nearest cities we pass a sheep farm, and frolicking in the sun on Sunday afternoon were all these sheep with their lambs.  Dh stopped to let me take a couple of photos.

LizBeth was asking yesterday how the church cookbook was coming along.  Up until the end of the Church service on Sunday I would have said slowly but surely.  I picked up a number of recipes from the church, so will get them input into the system this week.

However the **it hit the fan at the end of the service as I was leaving.  Two ladies from the Advisory Committee aproached me and asked me how I was sorting the recipes.  I told them I had them them divided into catagories, and explained what and told them they were custom dividers and I couldn't change them.  I asked what they had in mind and they wanted me to sort out the recipes by "religious season."  For example, Easter, Lent, Advent etc.

As I explained to them, if I were to do what they wanted, it would mean starting afresh and re-inputting everything again; and did they realize how much work that was?  One of the ladies said that as I was doing it by computer it wouldn't be that hard???  So I basically said no that's not going to happen it's staying as is.

They were not suited at all, and I noticed they hung around to the end to talk to the Reverend!  So no doubt I am in the dog house.  I was close to tears when I got home, as I really don't think they realise how much work goes into this, as a lot of the people are not writing down full recipes, or methods.  I end up having to call them, all which takes even more time; as although you know I bake and cook a lot I am not familiar with every recipe out there. 

So although I enjoyed the service, I left church feeling pretty disheartened.  However, onwards and upwards I will go with this project.

I know I haven't mentioned this in a long time, but we caught a mouse in the old basement yesterday?  Which I thought was pretty unusual, as it's been a while since we have caught any.

Did you remember to put money in your Daily Savings Pot today?

Another Earth Day/Money Saving idea:
Food: Eating less meat and dairy is good for your health, your budget, and the planet (raising livestock is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gases). Cutting back even a little bit helps. Some ideas to get you started: Limit the amount of meat on your plate and fill up with grains and veggies, avoid meat for one meal each day, or make one day a week meatless.


LizBeth said...

Oh, my. Life is too short as it is to lose any more of it over The Church Ladies. The next time you get the least little static from them, I'd suggest you sweetly insist that they take over the whole project. Insist, most insistantly. Cry (if you can pull it off on demand). Why, you'd be happy to take them the whole box of recipes just as they were given to you. You want nothing to stand in the way of this being the best church cookbook ever produced. You can go right home and get everything and deliver it to them before supper, would that be okay? Etc., etc., etc. . . . And I bet you'll still have the job when the sun sets. Good luck.

Liz, Republic of Texas

~Kim~ said...

Gill, be tough and stick to your guns about the cookbook and don't back down to these 2 ladies!! If they feel it should be sorted and done another way, I would tell them that THEY can do it themselves. I know this sounds harsh, but you've put a lot of time into this effort and they should respect that--Or at least mentioned it BEFORE the work began!!! Let us know!!
Moving on, I loved the sheep pictues!! We don't see very many around us, and I always enjoy seing them too!

Finally, a mouse?? Did you put it outside like we did? :-))

Denise said...

Now those lovely sheep bring back a lot of nice memories. Too bad about the recipe book, but I've learned over the years, as you probably have, that volunteering for these things can be a thankless job. I am sure your Minister is very grateful to you though.

Cumbrian Messenger said...

The photos of the spring lambs give us all somehope that summer is just around the corner (LOL)....I hope so from wet and cold Cumbria, UK.
I really enjoy your blog and columns.

scrappy quilter said...

Friend, I can sympathize with you. I use to be a computer supervisor for a large printing company that made cookbooks for churches, schools, etc. I know how much work goes into one. Don't give up!! Stick to your guns. I agree with LizBeth. If they keep hounding you, give the whole project back to them. It isn't worth the hassle. I always had a customer or two who gave me large headaches too. Hugs

Lib said...

Sorry about the Church Ladies! Often folks doesn't realize how hard things can be to work on computer or no computer!
Love the photos!
Have a great Day Friend!

The Witch said...

We have lots of sheep just up the road from us. It can be a toss-up who can make the most noise. The sheep or the cows. Which ever I love the sounds because I'm in the country! And when they spread the manure you don't hang your laundry out that day.
As for the two church ladies maybe you should invite them over, make a cup of tea for them and them sit them down in front of the computer. They'll get that deer caught in the headlight look.
I'm sure they don't have a clue as to how much work and time you have put into this remake of the church cookbook.
By the way they are big seller's on the Witch Island.Everyone loves to see their name and favorite recipe in print.

Stephanie V said...

Sheep are so nice to look at. I don't think I'd like to farm them, though. Even for a lot of lovely yarn!
The Church Ladies can be ignored. How insensitive of them! Only two of them so I'm sure everyone else is going to be happy. I don't think I've ever seen a church cookbook organised according to their vision. Stick to your guns!

Anonymous said...

It's like being in NZ all over again! I never get to see sheep around Ottawa. Unless you count government workers (sorry, sorry, bad joke!)

I find the church ladies story quite funny. Bully will be bully, church or no church!

The Handmaden said...

What a pity they're making it so difficult for you, ask them to sit down in front of a computer a fix it, they might realise the work involved!

Lots of sheep over here of course, but I love seeing different breeds, mostly just merinos here.

Karine said...

I would have done exactly as you did Gill. I think that if they continue to cause problems, you should hand the whole thing over to them and let them do it themselves, they can scrapbook it or whatever!

I loved the photos that DH took of ewes and their lambs, we don't have very many of them in Quebec either, but I always love seeing them, I find them adorable :o)