Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another mystery solved and flaps up, flaps down.....

Between 1am and 2am nearly every night if Molly is sleeping in the family room, she'll start barking.  Sometimes she'll just bark the once, other times a couple of times.  However on Thursday night/Friday morning, she wouldn't shut up.  So I trot downstairs to discover a raccoon eating bird seed on the table, and Molly was not happy about it!  After watching it for a couple of minutes, I ended up having to carry Molly upstairs, otherwise we would never have got any peace and quiet.

So not only do I feed all the rodents in the neighbourhood, but all the birdies, the squirrels, and now even the raccoon's, I deserve a medal!!

On Friday I had to go into town to pick up our new brushcutter, this one.  Now I have to say it has been quite the saga getting this trimmer; what should have been a simple thing, turned into quite the production.

Anyhow, after the guy had shown me how to use the trimmer and I had paid for it, he said I could pick out a John Deere hat, as a sorry we mucked you about present.

I wasn't going to take one, as I don't wear baseball hats, until I saw this one...........which is just PERFECT!!  Now I know you will all be pea green with jealousy, and NO I will not be parting with it, so don't ask!!

So here I am, with the flaps up:
And with the flaps down!
Why is this hat perfect for me..........well I am forever getting ear infections, so need to have my ears covered more often than not.  So when it's windy outside, down will come the flaps!!

I tested it out on Friday night while cutting the grass, and it does keep my ears nice and toasty warm.

I was so busy on Friday that I never had an opportunity to visit anyone's blogs, I am so sorry, there just isn't enough time in the day at the moment.........


Tracey said...

Arn't dogs funny things.. our Molly barks at invisible things so be thankful something was there haha.

Love flaps down by the way
Tracey x

Decadent Housewife said...

Flaps up, flaps down - you are a hoot Gill. Love the pics!

Out Back said...

I love the photo of the raccoon with your dog watching through the window.

I also like your hat which will be good for your ears. I recall my dad having a similar hat many years ago for the winter chill spent on the tractor.

Enjoy the weekend,

LizBeth said...

I am so jealous!! I love that hat. I want hat flaps, too. Next time DH wants a tractor, I'll have to think twice about it.

Liz, Republic of Texas

Clippy Mat said...

definitely flaps down! I love it.
Wear it with style.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Great post Gill and I love your hat - flaps down I think. Know what you mean about covering ears though - I don't get infections, just earache in windy weather. A

Leiani said...

I love it!!!!

Karine said...

I love your hat Gill, it's adorable!

Stephanie V said...

Great hat!

Poor Molly is just trying to do her job, isn't she? In some parts of our city, she'd have her work cut out for her. Many can't have bird feeders because it attracts the black bears which are just waking up now in their mountain dens. Not much to eat so they roam down the creeks looking for a handout in our yards.

Patty said...

Now that is one hat I envy. I need something like that one, it should also work for Winter when outside shoveling or snowblowing.

The only way to keep the raccoon away is to take in the food at night. But they have to eat to. LOL

Thanks for your visits, sorry I haven't been around much, it seems this whole month of April has been busy, busy, busy. Have a great week-end.

Evelyn said...

sorry I have been MIA for awhile, love the hat!

~Kim~ said...

Gill, I love the raccoon almost as much as I love the new hat--You are really stylin' in it, and I'm jealous!! :-))
By the way, raccoons like mice usually have friends--Let us know if yours does!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Linda said...

I am very much liking seeing your face. I am interested though, when I look at this picture, you look Canadian more than English. You must be adapting to your surroundings lol.

Lori said...

Oh, I am really a RED tractor sort of person--but I do love that green hat! I will be jealous, and send DH out to the implement dealer to see if I can get one!

landcuckoo said...

Love the hat! I have one which covers my ears too, I'm not prone to ear infections fortunately but I don't like it when the wind blows so cold it hurts!
Take care
Sarah x

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Pretty cool hat and you look like you are getting a kick out of it!