Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gardening, and other stuff!

I spent a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon tidying up the flower beds.  I still have another couple hours worth of sorting out to do in them.  I am figuring the flower beds are a three year project at this point.  Last year was spent trying to clean them out.  Which I more or less achieved; other than the flower bed to the left of the photo.  That one is still an overgrown mess; although I did manage to get at least one third of it cleaned out on Saturday. 

So this year I am going to carry on cleaning them out and adding the odd plant here and there, and hopefully by next year I can continue with the planting and just general maintenance; then after that it should be general maintenance.

Also what does this mean:

Yep these are my tools for cutting the grass, my i-pod and the keys to the lawn tractor.  Had a run down the field Saturday evening to see how the tractor was running, and its running fine.  Will have to cut the field later on this week I think.

Did you remember to put your money in the Daily Savings Club today?

Today's Money Saving Tip:

Don't waste money on gyms or sports, just get into the garden and start digging! It's great exercise and it costs nothing at all!


Beth said...

Read your interview on Zhu's blog - it's NOT boring. It's informative and fascinating.

LizBeth said...

If you get to be more famous, you're going to have to get a yardman and a housekeeper!!!

Liz, Republic of Texas

~Kim~ said...

Gill, I enjoyed reading your interview!!! I also didn't think it was boring but told us a little more about you!! You're going to be famous, and we can all say "we knew you when!" :-)))
by the way, I love your house and yard!!

Zhu said...

I agree here - you were NOT boring ;-)

scrappy quilter said...

I love seeing a picture of your home. It's just stunning! Glad to hear you are getting some of the gardens worked on. Hugs