Friday, June 19, 2009

One Thousand Pounds of Plaster.....and we saw something funny..

that is how much we took to the dump on Thursday and we have the same again to take today (Friday). It cost us $50 to dispose of it on Thursday, so today will no doubt be the same. We got all the walls stripped and carted down the stairs, I have carried approximately 80 garbage bags down two flights of stairs!!!

On Friday we have to pull off the last of the baseboards, and then start on pulling out the insulation. That is the job I am dreading doing, as its like cotton wool, I hate touching that also, its icky. Dh did get some temporary lights put up in the attic, so that will help a lot. However I think we have run into another problem, as it looks as though someone has put drywall over the plaster and lathe in the spare bedroom {{{SIGH}}}. Why I have no idea, but it's another thing we have to deal with. How we know this, is dh pulled up a couple of floorboards in the attic above the bedroom. There was enough lathe/wood taken from the attic to the firepit to have another fire on the weekend again.

Now for the funny thing that happened today. First let me apologize to any of you who uses a motorized wheelchair, as this story involves a motorized wheelchair/scooter.

After we had been to the dump we called in at the Home Hardware in the town close to us. As we left we noticed an elderly gentleman coming up the road on a motorized wheelchair/scooter, proudly displaying his Canadian Flag. Behind him was an OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) car, I jokingly said to dh, "I bet he pulls the old guy over." Sure enough he did, can you believe that.....LOL

Now to be fair it wasn't a busy road, nor was it a quiet road, there was a lot of traffic going into the Home Hardware, including trucks. However there were no sidewalks/footpaths for the old guy to drive on, so he had no choice but to go on the road. No idea what he told the guy, but we called in at a coffee shop at the end of the road, and when we were leaving, we saw him coming back down the road in his wheelchair/scooter. This time without the police escort!!!

Thanks for all your kind anniversary wishes, I really appreciated them.


Decadent Housewife said...

Pulling over a wheelchair? I feel safe now.

landcuckoo said...

Happy belated anniversary!
Sounds like you are really making headway with the house, 80 trips up and down stairs with bags of plaster - you will be able to make that an olympic sport soon! Saves on Gym membership too!
Take care and make sure you have a lovely rest at some point this weekend!
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

You'll be as strong as an ox!


erin said...

omg...that's a lot of plaster.
happy belated anniversary wishes.

mommanator said...

my dau uses one of those things, in FLA they are supposed to be registered like a car, but I think that is overkill! I fret sometimes when she goes out, but it does give her a freedom she wouldnt have otherwise. plus!!!! I dont have to push! took it in the spirit intended, I bet the driver was amused too!

scrappy quilter said...

Gill, did the same owners own our house. When we came to do the living room, the previous owners had put gyproc over the plaster and lathe. It made for so much extra work so I can sympathize with you. And I TOTALLY understand the 1000 pounds and 80 bags. We are fortunate though in that the town guys hauled all of ours away.

I never want to see plaster again and yet those who did it must have been great workers. I mean look at how that plaster lasted all those years, only stuck in the amazes me how they did that.

At least you had some insulation, we had ZIPPO, none. We thought over the years it might have fell down to the second floor...not a chance. There wasn't even wood chips. I can't imagine how they heated our home. In the early days, they had to go a good day's drive by horse & buggy to get the wood. It had to be cut and then hauled back. I'm so very thankful we don't have to do that today.

Patty said...

Bless his heart, perhaps the police were just escorting him up the hill safely. We have a man here in our town, that rides his all over the place, even in rain and snow. Usually he's on the sidewalks, but sometimes it's easier for him in the street and he rides into the on coming traffic, along the side of course, but I guess he figures they can see him better that way.