Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to all those dad's out there.

We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday, as dd (dear daughter) boyfriend has to work on a Sunday. His weekend is Friday and Saturday. Ds (dear son) came down for the weekend, and my dad and step-mum came over as well. Ds and dd boyfriend barbecued for me, and they lucked out as the rain stopped while they barbecued.

It was a pretty miserable day as far as the weather went, as it poured down all day and it was pretty humid at times, a taster of what's to come this coming week, when the temperatures will be hitting the high 30's with the humidity. It will also be a tester for me, as we don't have central air, so I wonder how I will manage?

Anyhow back to Father's Day, we gave my dad money. I gave dh (dear husband) a chainsaw, ds gave him a wrecking bar (please don't ask me to describe that thing?), 7 cans of Strongbow cider, should have been 8 but he drank one....LOL Dd bought him a bathroom reader (a book of quotes to read while sitting on the loo) and an LCBO (liqour store) gift certificate, so all in all dh did very well.

I had a taste of one of the Strongbow ciders, but must say I prefer Woodpecker cider, as its sweeter. I don't drink alcohol, but I wouldn't mind trying a shandy again, as its years since I have had one. I don't like beer normally as its not sweet enough for me.

Now it won't be a complete day of rest for dh on Father's Day, as we are going to do a little bit of yard work, plus we need to make a trip to Home Depot in the afternoon. One of our goals this week is to make some sort of stand thingy (don't know what the correct word is) for the logs, as I want to get the wood ordered and delivered for winter this next week. So we need to get the materials to make that.

We bought a cheap shop vac on Saturday so we can vacuum all the blown in insulation out of the attic. That may seem a bit extravagant buying that, but that is going to be one heck of an icky job removing that from the attic. I am hoping to get the rest of the insulation bats removed through the week, I'll go up first thing in a morning before it gets too hot.

So a Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there, I hope you have a lovely day.


scrappy quilter said...

I'm sending some super hot weather your way. It was 32C yesterday and suppose to be even hotter today. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Miss L said...

I agree. Happy Father's Day :)

Anonymous said...

It has been pretty humid here in Kentucky as well =/ Happy Father's day to you and yours also! ^.^

Clippy Mat said...

Hey Gill: thanks for the translation of ds/dd and dh. I don't know why THAT was so hard for me to work out, makes perfect sense to me now. :-))

Jess said...

Happy Fathers Day to all our men

Love, Jess