Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bits and Bobs........oh and Bell Canada AGAIN!!!

Got my combined Bell Canada bill today and honestly every time I get a bill I get more confused by them, not helped by the fact I am calling India. Anyhow, I was under the impression I am paying 5 cents per minute to call Britain, instead I am getting charged 79 cents per minute??? Who on earth pays 79 cents a minute, other than when you are calling Outer Mongolia!!

Then of course there was the dreaded internet charges, and that was another $58+ to make over $80 in charges just for the internet this month, and I am hardly ever on it!!! I am at my wits end with these guys. So overall this bill, which also included the Satellite was close to $190. On a positive side, it is our main form of entertainment, so I guess, its not too, to expensive.

I managed to get the house tidied up a bit on Monday. However I got side tracked by being on the phone for over an hour with Bell Canada. Then the mail woman called in to bring me back a card I had sent out. The envelope was dark blue and I had written the address in black ink, so Canada Post couldn't read it????? So our local post office had re-written ENGLAND in bold black ink and sent it out for me, but again Canada Post sent it back. So the mail woman called into the house and asked me if I wanted to put a white label on the envelope with the address on. So I did that and had a chit chat with her, then she took my card and made sure it went into the mail box for me. Talk about great service, that's what you get for living in the country!!!

Mind you on the flip side, I had to call our local town offices, to see when we were going to be billed for our next lot of property taxes, and to make sure we were on monthly billing. It turns out they go out on the 15th of the month. So I said are we going to get something in the mail, the lady said probably by the end of next week. Talk about leaving it to last minute!!!

I got a letter in the mail on Monday, giving us permission to put in an objection/review of our property tax assessment. There is a procedure to this, and I have completed the first stage. So I have until July 10th, to file the second letter, and to send in all the paperwork. Its costing us around $350 a month in property taxes, which I feel is a bit steep, as that was what we were paying in the city.

In between the showers on Monday I did manage to get the laundry dry. It's forecast for rain on and off all week, so I can see me getting some jobs done around the house this week.


The Good Life in Virginia said...

every time i read your blog i gasp. i cannot believe how steep your property taxes are there and for a rural piece of property. you are zoned rural?
and that phone bill. geesh. i would be researching viable alternatives to cut that puppy big time. do you have phone cards available (we purchase from Sam's, Walmart warehouse store) and the minutes are so much less for long distance verus the carrier rates. just a thought.
and dealing with an issue with someone in india...well, i won't get into my rant about the outsourcing...that really fires me up.
otherwise...have a great afternoon.

mommanator said...

whew thats steep for property taxes, what do oyu live on a gold mine

scrappy quilter said...

Gill, check out my post from today.

I'll e-mail you later today. Hugs.

Life Insurance Broker said...

Oh my my, that's quiet a bit of money to pay for Internet. Although I do find it a bit odd that Internet in Canada is still very expansive and rather slow. Every time I travel to a different country I'm amazed by their Internet connection and what they actually pay for it. It's sad that a developed country like us still has trouble with this...

Take care, Lorne