Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day and a rough day for me on Tuesday......

Well today is Canada Day here for us. We don't do anything personally for Canada Day. Infact dh isn't having Canada Day until Friday, as he is contracted out to a factory and they will not shut down the plant mid week, so they are having Canada on Friday, which to my mind is better as then he gets three days off in a row. Ds is also working today and he is an accountant and he too is getting Friday off. Dd and her boyfriend though are off today, she works for a big financial company and he works for the government. Me, well one day tends to be like another :0)

I woke up with a migraine on Tuesday. Its the first one I have had in a while. I am blaming it on the weather, as its been all over the place and most days recently we have had thunder storms, so very unstable air. It wouldn't have been so bad but I had arranged for a guy to come over to give me a quote for installing foam insulation in the attic. Luckily he was here at 8:30am, so I was able to go back to bed by 9:30am. It's now Wednesday morning and my head is still pounding, so this one is a nasty one.

Back to the insulation, the guy quoted us $6,300 :0O My reaction was "How much!" I had figured somewhere in the $3,000 range, as it is more expensive than regular insulation, but not twice as much. I think it works out to around $1.25 per inch deep, per square foot. We were getting 4 inches which works out to an R28 value. So we are obviously going to be doing it ourselves with Roxul for a cost of probably $2,000. The only problem though is dh is so busy with everything else, its a time factor. Though my dad had a great idea, why don't we hire a guy to come in and help us for a couple of days and pay him cash.........its an idea.

I am being a baby, as I'll do most things but I refuse point blank to touch the insulation, it reminds me of cotton wool, and I won't touch that either, I just don't like the feel of it!!

Well as I write this Wednesday morning we're in for another wet day which is a shame for all those Canada Day celebrations. I have my dad and step-mum coming up today to help out which is great. I have discovered we have had a mouse in the under sink cupboard where the garbage is, so now have to sort that mess out. The joys of living in the countryside!!


scrappy quilter said...

Gill, hope your migraine is gone soon.

The guy who wants $6,300.00 is bonkers!!! I agree with your dad, maybe you can find someone to help. Even a student. It shouldn't take long to do. Also is there a reason you are going with foam insulation? Just curious.

I've been watching the weather at your end. It doesn't look good at all. We'll be sending much cooler weather your way in the next couple of days. Last night it got down to +8C, just perfect for sleeping. I haven't had the a/c on at all. Hugs

mommanator said...

you are ever busy, guess God intervened to make you rest.
That insulation is reiculously priced

Catherine said...

I hope you get some relief from that migraine. I've had one for the past few days too. This weather is way too up and down!
The price of the insulation sounds outrageous! Hopefully you can find someone who is willing to help do it -- might be a great job for a student looking to make a little extra money this summer!

Winifred said...

I sympathise with you Gill. My son has suffered with this since he was 3 years old. It's really horrible.

My goodness all that for insulation. I thought it was only here that there were rip off merchants. Hope you find someone cheaper soon.