Saturday, July 11, 2009

My 600th post & just when you think it can't get any worse.......

Can't believe I have done 600 posts. Goodness knows what I have managed to ramble on about for 600 times...LOL

So what has happened now you ask? Well would you believe I have been bitten on my ear lobe, probably by a mosquito. Gosh it hurts and it is so swollen. Oh and also its the same ear as my one with the ear infection, which to my mind isn't getting a lot better {{SIGH}} I swear if it isn't one thing its another.

Below is a photo of the new skylight in the attic. What a difference it has made. It's a 4' x 4' window. Its also helping to make the attic a little cooler, as we are now getting a cross breeze. So all we need now is to get the soffit ventilation sorted out, and then we can get on.

I picked up my "earning's" Friday night $58. I was only able to pick another 6 containers of raspberries, and "B" only sold one of my blackcurrant's. I brought the rest of the blackcurrant's home and need to figure out what I am going to do with them. Also none of the bouquet's of "wildflowers," sold.......never mind, it was worth a try!! I don't have to pick anymore raspberries until next Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I wish I lived closer to you. I would love to buy some black currants!

Great blog! I'll have to spend some time here tomorrow. I really like the recipes on the side. I added a link to your blog in my blog because of the recipes. I eat local, and I am always looking for new ways to cook with the things I find at the Farmer's Market that I have never cooked or even seen before. Thanks!

Winifred said...

I'd love to buy some of your raspberries.

That skylight looks good hope you got it cheaper than your first quote. I've had some problems with Internet Explorer loading so haven't been reading blogs for a few days.

I hope your ear gets better soon. Do you use insect repellant? I've read that Avon dry spray oil is good. Not really a repellant but the Woodland perfume seems to work as one. I use it on holiday and haven't been bitten.

scrappy quilter said...

WTG on the raspberries. That's awesome. Glad to see Karen got over here to visit your blog.

I think you need to go back to the doctor's in regards to your ear. Hope it gets better soon. Hugs and hoping you have a relaxed and fun weekend.

btw - I heard bad weather is heading your way. It was down to +8C last night here. Cold!!!

Patty said...

Perhaps too many have access to wild flowers. And maybe they don't know what to do with the black currants. But apparently they know what to do with the raspberries.

The skylight looks great. We have three skylights in our house. One opens and it's also tinted, another one is lightly tinted and the third one isn't tinted at all. Two of them are in rooms that don 't have any windows so to speak. One is above my kitchen sink, and the kitchen is between the living room and family room, and there's no windows. The other is in the family room, because when we built a large room behind the family room, we lost the only window in there, although we do have a sliding door. The third one that opens is in the office. We like them all. In fact I would love to have a small one in the bathroom, there is no window in there and it would certainly make it a lighter place. But it would have to be small, when this house was built it was like they forgot the bathroom until the last minute and stuck it into almost a closet size area. When the kids were small, and sometimes I would bath two of the daughters at the same time, well by the time I got in there, along with the two little girls, we could hardly shut the door.

Make sure you watch that ear, hopefully it is a bite and not something from the infection in the ear.

ChrisJ said...

I love black currants and black currant jam. I also like raspberries but without their seeds. Picky picky.

Vons had some really nice looking raspberries today. Looked fresh picked. My husband just got back from Vancouver area today and said there were blueberries for sale everywhere. But my favorite fruit is still good ripe peaches.

Miss L said...

Congratulations on the milestone. I haven't been here for all 600 but every one of your posts I've read have been a real pleasure. I only hope this is just the beginning :)

Clippy Mat said...

congrats on the 600! keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading them all.