Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aren't I the lucky one.......

who else do you know that has the Atlantic Ocean swishing about in their right ear? Yes that's right I have another ear infection. I have liquid also in the left ear, but its the right one that is the worst.

I had to go down to my doctors office in Brampton, to see a doctor, as there are no walk-in clinics in the two towns closest to where we live now. Also none of the doctors in either town are taking on new patients. I have decided though to put our names on the waiting list for when a doctor does accept new patients. I don't think its just our area where doctors are in short supply, it's all over Canada. Is it the same in the area where you live?

Anyhow the doctor I saw was a "learner," and as the liquid is clear in my ears, which is more than I can say for the Atlantic Ocean; that is dirty looking, she decided antibiotics wouldn't work, and she did confer with another doctor on this. So she told me to buy some over the counter medication, like "Sinutab," which I did.

I am pooped though with it all, so Wednesday I did very little. I must be sick though, as I had to pop round to my dad's to pick up the Wiarton Slate he had picked up for our hearth, and my step-mum wanted to know if I wanted to go to the mall, and I said no, as I was so tired. For me to turn down a trip to the mall, means I must be sick!!!

On the way home I called in at a "10 Minute Oil Change," place. It proved to be an interesting visit, as they told me my C V Boot was torn? Now he may as well told me, I was going to have to change the oil myself, as I was clueless. Anyhow, told dh about it, and he had a look and can see nothing wrong with it? So no idea what is going on there, other than the kids who changed the oil, really didn't know what they were talking about. I do however have a front headlight out, so that is something that needs attention.

My car needs to last another 4 years come hell or high water, as we can't afford to get another one until then. Plus even though my car is now 7 years old, it doesn't have 100,000 km on it yet. I managed to get gas for 90.5 cents a litre today which I thought was good. I did however forget to bring the gas tanks for the lawn tractor which sucked, as knowing my luck the gas price will go up tomorrow!!

As per the weather forecast on Wednesday, they said again that we are in for a wicked winter, so we need to get on with insulating and winterizing our house!!


Evelyn said...

Gill does your ear hurt? is the fluid smelly? it may be swimmers ear.
doctor shortages here too

Sandi McBride said...

Gil I am quite concerned that your "Learner Doctor" has gotten it all wrong...if it's an infection you need antibiotics I would think...I wish you could see another doctor...I wish you could see my Dad for a start...he would give you a shot to sort things out right away!!! If you don't start feeling better soon, I would definitely go round to the clinic again!

Limey said...

You poor thing - I am an expert on living with ear infections and for people who don't get them, they have no concept of how awful they are. The pain is miserable and it's impossible to get anything done. Feel better soon!

mommanator said...

wow she realy must have been a newbie in the practise of medicine to ahve to call someone else in to help with that!
If you dont find relief or in a couple of days or run a fever go back to another doc!

scrappy quilter said...

Gill I heard we are in for one of the worse winters on record as well. Not good news. I also read this morning that Shell is thinking of closing the refinery in Quebec, again which is not good news. It would mean a definite shortage in gas, making gas prices rise of course. Not good news on either front.

I too am concerned about the infection in your ear and not getting antibiotics. Our 2 doctors are no longer accepting new patients either.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Take these days to rest and to take care of yourself my friend. Hugs..

Toria said...

The Doctors all closed their books years ago in this area as well. They've added our 2nd & 3rd children as they arrived, but only because me, husband & 1st child were already in.

A couple of the kids & I had fluid in the ear problems last year, and apart from antibiotics for the infection, I got told to get us all some of those thin novelty straws & use them for all of our drinking. The pressure changes from sucking up water (or whatever you're drinking) help drain the fluid out, to try to prevent more infections later.

Caroline said...

Hi Gill Hope you are on the mend. No antibiotics seems funny to me to... then again by saying that I have had that said to me & everything has turned out OK.

I have just posted the Lemon Tart recipe if your still interested.. It's a VERY easy one!!

Take Care

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Yes it's the same around us for Dr's too!

I hope you feel better soon, the hubster had an ear issue recently and was surprised how 'off' it made him feel.