Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is going on with the weather, and other odds and ends.

On Tuesday I was out cutting the field and I had to put dh's woollen hat on and a fleece jacket. I mean it was really cold out there. We didn't get the rain that was forecast, so I suppose that was good, but boy was it cool. I was only complaining a couple of weeks ago at how hot it was. Plus it is killing my head, I got another horrible headache on Tuesday. On the weather forecast on Tuesday night, they were saying July was going to remain cool, and we are going to have a bitter cold winter??? Is the weather all over the place where you live?

Did you watch the Michael Jackson memorial service? I watched it on and off, and will admit to shedding a few tears when his daughter Paris spoke; that was just plain sad. I also found Brooke Shields speech moving; she was clearly upset.

Also over the past couple of days it's been Christmas on Eastenders, and I got a shock when Pauline Fowler died beside Arthur's seat in the square. I know Wendy Richards had passed away in real life, I just didn't realise this is how she was going to die in the series? We are of course a long way behind you guys in Britain.

I think I may have an ear infection, I haven't been feeling well for a couple of days now, and my ears have been hurting for around a week now. When I wake up in a morning, my ears are all crusted that too much information??? So I may end up going to a walk in clinic in the closest town to us today..........I'll see how I feel and if I can be bothered. I used to have numerous ear infections as a child, and I still get them every now and then.


Caroline said...

Hope you are feeling up to scratch again soon Gill. Maybe you are just getting run down you have been working so hard since your move to the country. Take it easy!!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

The whole Michael Jackson thing is surreal. Very strange feeling. Almost as if we are unreal too. perhyaps its my age.

Catherine said...

Wonder if it's all the work outside in the cooler weather that has contributed to the ear infections?
It is chilly for July! I was almost tempted to put the heat on last night for a bit to take the chill out!

scrappy quilter said...

Awe Gill hope you are feeling better soon. Take care of those ears and yourself, okay.

Yesterday is was really cool here. We are suppose to get rain for 3 days on and off. We've not had one day over +30C.

Limey said...

Where are you getting Eastenders on TV? I have looked and looked!

Evelyn said...

(((gill)))) the weather is wacky here too, cold and hot. i can atke a cold winter as long as we don't have the same amount of snow as last year.
I watched the memorial some, too much of a cynic to cry. evelyn