Friday, July 10, 2009

No rest for the wicked!!!!!

Despite me being sick, I never stopped on Thursday. I went to see "B" who is going to sell the raspberries for me. He gave me the containers and told me he would pay me $2 per container (1/2 pint). To cut a long story short I ended up picking 22 containers over the day. He wanted more as they were selling very well, but I put my foot down, as it was hot, I was tired; it kills my back picking them, plus I was getting to the end of the ones that were ripe.

These are some of the containers I picked.

I picked some blackcurrants after supper on Thursday night, I will be selling them at $2 a container as well. However I am not pushing them, as they are a royal pain to pick. So we'll see how these 6 containers sell and go from there.

Now I had another bright idea. Due to the fact that I haven't weeded anywhere, we have weeds/wildflowers growing all over the raspberry patch. So I decided to pick some and make a flower arrangement. What do you think? The pink flower in the middle is a thistle, its actually very pretty.

So I had this bright idea, why not make some bunches of these and get the guy to sell them as well?? I am thinking he could sell them for $5 a bunch? I would sell them to him for $3.50 a bunch. I thought I would try this out on Friday as that is when he is busiest, as that is when people travel up to their cottages. I thought I would take my arrangement down and show him.

So on Friday in between everything else, the country boys are coming to put in the skylight window in the attic. Problem though as its supposed to be stinking hot, so the attic will be just boiling hot. I told the woman who called to tell them to arrive early, but she said they wouldn't be coming until at least 9am.......they can't say I didn't warn them.

I am having problems also visiting other people's blogs again?


Catherine said...

Wow -- those raspberries look delicious!!! If we were anywhere near you, I'd be looking for the guy selling them!

Erin said...

your berries look yummy. and i think the wildflower arrangement is a splendid idea too.
hope you are feeling better.

scrappy quilter said...

Your raspberries are looking good. What are they selling them for? Blogger is working on the's a royal pain and very frustrating!! Please take care of yourself.

Patty said...

Apparently we are both very wicked, LOL. Time to do some laundry and also mow the backyard again. Plus I have a couple of errands to run.

How will the flowers be displayed, you couldn't afford to put them into vases at that price. Unless you picked up some very, very cheap at a garage sale. You could recycle, old empty glass jars that have been washed up and filled with the flowers.

Hope you're able to get a little rest/break over the week-end. Speaking of week-ends, this Sunday will be our 54th. Wedding Anniversary. And my husbands sister didn't think it would last. LOL

Denise said...

That's a lovely cottage industry you have there, and yes I also thought the wildflowers made a beautiful display. I'm hearing bloggers everywhere are having problems and I had the same thing happen to me a while back, but touch wood nothing lately. Probably just jinxed myself.

mommanator said...

I want some of those raspberries they look lovely and I love em

Canadian Saver said...

I'd buy one of each at least, probably more of the raspberries. Yum!

CannedAm said...

LOVE the wildflower arrangement! Hey, $2 for 1/2 pint is great. That's what they're selling for here! $2 to $2.50 from the ones who drive a little further to our market. Was going to tell you that pints were going for $4 to $4.25 this weekend, but see you've got it figured out. There's a very nifty berry picker at lee valley that would help you with your black currants...,2120,33277 free shipping right now, too :) Have you thought of making jam or jelly and selling those? Any of your berries you don't sell, just preserve and put out the jams for sale :)