Monday, June 29, 2009

A couple of things...........

Well first of all, Walter Henry has gone back to the shelter. I feel bad, but we honestly couldn't live with the allergies. Every time he went close to dh, dh's eyes started to water. Even my nose was itching and we were avoiding poor Walter Henry, which wasn't fair to him. We also decided that we would rather do it now, as the longer we left it the more attached we would become to him, and him to us. So there will be no cats in this house, ever. He's an adorable cat, and will be adopted in no time. The shelter people were ever so nice and even asked if we were ready to adopt a dog. I said I wanted to leave it for a while.

I feel as though it's been a rough few days, and due to that we had a couple hours away from the house. We went to a small town called Creemore for a couple of hours. Its the first time we have been there and its really a pleasant little town/village. I picked up a book called "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," by Barbara Kingsolver from the Curiosity House Books & Gallery. I am looking forward to reading it. There was another book I saw there, but I have forgotten what it was called, but it was about the trials and tribulations of living on a country property. Sound familiar!!!!

I am hoping this week to get some things sorted out with the attic. I am finding it frustrating trying to get quotes for work on the attic. Also we keep getting conflicting information on what should or shouldn't be done in the attic. I know the house is looking a lot better than it was when we moved in, I do feel as though we have hit a stand still.

We got a couple of little jobs done this weekend, including getting the base built for the wood/logs storage. I rang a guy and left a message about getting some logs, but as yet he hasn't called me back, which is typical!! We also got the willow tree trimmed at the entrance to the property. It was hanging down so low, that when I went for the mail the branches were hitting me. So it looks a lot tidier now.

Dh has some vacation time in September, and due to all the expenses we have with the house, I think it will be a vacation at home. However we live in such a lovely area, that I am hoping to have a few day trips. We picked up a copy of the Georgian Bay Mountain Life magazine when we were out, and there is a lot to do close to home. We also got the Summer copy of The Hills Of Headwaters magazine this past week and there is a lot featured in there of places I would like to visit. So I can see us having some pleasant day trips to places we haven't been to yet.

So here's hoping I have a much more productive and positive week.


Decadent Housewife said...

Walter Henry will find a home. Look at him.

Erin said...

a good morning.
sorry that walter henry could not stay...but health concerns are more important. as you said, he will find a home ^..^
i clicked through to your links about the areas around you. my goodness you've got a lot of neat things to visit and photographic ops abound there.
i probably asked you prior but how far are you from where you used to live in the city?
have a wonderful day gill.

scrappy quilter said...

Sorry to hear about Walter Henry. Health concerns come first.

Enjoy your beautiful area. We took off on Sat. and headed into Sask. It was an all day road trip. We had a blast and I even managed to visit 2 quilting stores. Take time to rest.

btw - workers are on country time. They call back just not on your time. It's the same here. At first it was very frustrating. After about 6 months we realized they weren't going to change, we had to. Now it doesn't bother us as much. Could be though that hubby learnt to do most of the things himself rather than wait for others to call.

Hope your week goes well. Hugs

Winifred said...

What a shame. Hope he finds another nice home soon. Wish I lived nearer.

Hope you enjoy "gallavanting" about on your holidays and touring your new home area.

Evelyn said...

sorry to hear about Walter Henry. i have tried to read the book by kingsolver, may try it again

Patty said...

Our one daughter has two cats indoors and about five outside, all have been fixed. Anyway she takes Singular and makes sure she washes her hands after petting the cats. She won't let them in her bedroom, but other than that, she seems to be doing ok. Her doctor said there was no sense in sending her to an allergist, since it's the cats doing it, and she doesn't want to get rid of the cats. Now if she pets them, and doesn't wash her hands right away, and happens to rub her eyes, they swell and she looks terrible. Our doctor said the dander from a cat is a lot worse then from a dog. Just buy extra mouse traps and D-con and set around.

tenthingsfarm said...

I think you will love Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I know I do! We just brought home a 'rescue dog', and we're all adjusting nicely!