Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photos of the outside of the house, and more on the attic...

As promised here are some photos of the outside of the house.

Here is the front of the house, which faces East, and is built of field stone in 1907. The mud room addition happened in the last 25 years.

This is the North side of the house, including the extension, which was built in 1974.

West side of the house and extension.

South side of the house, that shows both the mud room and the family room extension.

View from the back deck.

View from the front deck of the house.

So on Friday we were up in the attic again. Got the last of the plaster and lathe off. Got rid of some of the insulation. However there is a lot of blown in insulation as well, and we need to buy a cheap shop vac that doesn't need bags to pick it all up. I just happen to know ds has got dh a gift certificate for Home Depot for Father's Day, so he can use it for that.

We went to the dump again and on Thursday and Friday we disposed of 2,600 pounds of plaster. We still have half a dozen bags to get rid off, which we will do when we go back with the insulation. So, so far it has cost us around $115 in disposal fees. I have to say its been hard work, but so worth while.

So on Friday afternoon we played hooky. We went out for a late lunch at The Mono Cliffs Inn and had a super meal. We had lamb burgers, with mint sauce, goat cheese and Cesar salad. It was so good and so filling. We will definitely go again.

We then went by the animal shelter to look at the dogs and cats. Dh fell in love with one dog, I fell in love with another one, so we decided to leave it a couple of days to think about it. Its awful though to see all those doggies barking in their cages. It was a lot quieter in the cat rooms, and we saw a lovely little cat called Tina. Again decided to think it over.

We then went and did some grocery shopping, which was fun as dh was with me. In between hands I did three loads of laundry, all which was to iron when we got home at 5pm. Lunch was so filling though, that we didn't have supper, just a few snacks later on.

So we got a lot achieved today and I had a good time being with dh.


Margaret said...

Well done you. And I love seeing the photos of your new mansion. What a lot of hard work but so satisfying to di it yourself

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Quite a full life you're living over there. With all the hard yakka, it'll be worth every pound of your sweat. The house looks beautiful and the back view is just fantastic. Looks like paradise to me. Welcome to the new additions when they come home. All the best in your new home!

Lindsay said...

A handsome house!

landcuckoo said...

Lovely house, I can quite understand why you want to live there. The dogs and cat would just put the icing on the cake wouldn't they! Wise to leave it a few days to think over though.
Glad to hear you had a nice break to relax, have a lovely weekend
Take care
Sarah x

Crafty Gardener said...

All the hard work will be worth it. I came across your blog from the Today's Flowers blog. Nice to meet another Canadian.

erin said...

i so like the fieldstone house...what a wonderful place. how large is the orginal structure?
and, did it have a fire place in it?

thanks for sharing the photos with us.

scrappy quilter said...

Beautiful home. Can't wait to see what dogs & cat you get. I think it's smart to give it a couple of days.

Nice to hear you played hookie. Hope you do it more often. Hugs

mommanator said...

thats a pretty big house for just the 2 of ya. Pretty!

fizzycat said...

Beautiful house and yard too.

Jess said...

Such a marvelous place to call home....with a beautiful view that will take your breath away.


Lots of love to you...

PS Get them all! LOL

Clippy Mat said...

I can't complete my day now until I've read your latest 'episode'. Remind me what does dh, ds stand for? I can't remember.

Patty said...

House looks terrific, and the view is fantastic. I bet after all that hard work you both slept soundly. Glad you had a lunch out, didn't you also celebrate an anniversary this week? Hope Sunday can be a relaxing day for both of you.

softinthehead said...

Great photos the house Gill, thanks for sharing:)

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your lovely comments....the house is around 2100 sq feet.


IowaCowgirl said...

I am a new visitor to your site..very nice original house. I too live in a house built in the 1890-1900 era (farmhouse in Iowa) and have a few visitors from time to time that unfortunately have to end up in a peanut-butter-baited trap!