Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday on the Acreage with photos.......

Busy old day on the Acreage, not in the garden, but in the house. The fireplace guys came to put the new insert in. I should mention that the stones on the fireplace were all black before we cleaned them. The fireplace was sooting like made it seems.

Here is the before photo.

Here is the after photo:

Now, although it is okay I am not in love with it. First of all the door has to be changed, as I had ordered brushed nickel and this is apparently nickel, although it looks like chrome to me? Because the fireplace is field stone, they couldn't put the finishing framework on it, so they adapted it to sort of fit. So I am now going to have to get some custom metalwork made for above the fire insert, so it looks more finished. Click on the photo to see more detail. The two vents below the mantel shelf, and the two fan vents beside the bottom of the insert, are going. Dh is going to do the electrical on it, as it needs to be plugged in for the fan to work. When we get it finished off, we will be happy, until then though no!!!

Now I moved everything to the other end of the family room, and I said to the guy should I throw drop sheets over everything. The guy says no I won't make a mess. Why oh why did I not listen to my gut instinct, rather to a guy!!! EVERYTHING was covered in a thin layer of soot :0(

So I spent a couple of hours after they left cleaning out the family room, which was fine I suppose as it needed done, but even so....

Anyhow here are a couple of photos of the family room.

We are getting the new windows and patio doors not next week but the week after, I called them today to whine on about the lack of seeing the roofing guys AGAIN!!! So got them to find out when the windows and doors are coming.

Behind that horrible wood paneling is drywall/plasterboard. So we'll pull off the wood panelling and finish off the drywall, and just paint it a light colour. We are going to pull out the railing to the basement, not sure if you can see it or not, and put a drywall half wall there instead. The reason behind that is that dh will be able to put electrical sockets in there.

Now the photo below shows you the one wall of the family room, which was once the outside wall of the house, neat eh? Don't panic, we're not touching that, its nice as is.

So due to all this activity, I never got into the garden other than to water my veggies at night. Mind you it turns out there is black flies here, as I have two huge bites on my arm and they are killing me, the fireplace guys were telling me what they were, as I was scratching them. I need to keep putting after bite on them, so I don't scratch them red raw.

I have a funny story about black flies and a dippy British woman!!! The shortened version of it is the first time me, dh and ds encountered black flies, we had no idea what they were. I thought they were mutant midges with teeth, as dh was bleeding like crazy behind his ear. It wasn't until we were relating the story of this mutant midges, that someone said they were black flies. You know the funny thing though the local person we were with at the time barely swatted them, whereas we were constantly batting ourselves, infact I gave up and went back into the car. So I am guessing after being bitten X amount of times, you must get immune to them? PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that's right?

Well that's enough rambling from me!!


scrappy quilter said...

We've never gotten use to black flies. In the city we didn't have them. When we lived in northern Ont. we had tons of them. When we moved here, we have them again. They are bad this year because of the river got so high. However, it froze last night and expected to freeze again tonight. Maybe it will kill the little buggers!!

Love your fireplace, however I love that wall more. It's awesome!!

Judy said...

I love that wall!!
And your mystery birds are killdeer. They must have babies around if they are trying to keep you away from some places. Once the eggs hatch, the babies are very mobile, though, so maybe they will simply move to accomodate you.