Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Anniversary and other things..

Well it's that time of year again, our Wedding Anniversary, 26 years. We're celebrating it a lot differently than we did last year, as last year we went to Niagara-On-The-Lake This year we're being up close and personal in the attic stripping the plaster and lathe, romantic or what!!!! Dh is taking both Thursday and Friday off, so we can get a lot of work done in the attic. Our goal is to have it stripped clean of the plaster and lathe, and all the old insulation by Sunday, and all the garbage taken to the dump.

On Wednesday I spent three hours mowing the lawn and got a lot done. However one thing I did do is kill a baby bird. I didn't mean too, but I feel awful, I clipped it with the lawn tractor, I didn't see it, as it was partially hidden by the raspberry bushes. I haven't been back to that area to see what's what.

I prepared this post last night on my laptop, and for some reason it never posted? So here I am having my breakfast checking my emails before I go upstairs into the attic. I need to get the tractor and trailer out first and take out the garbage, and its raining this morning.......oh the joys!!! At least it will be only the one trip down the driveway with the tractor and trailer, so I should be grateful.

Well that attic is calling my name so I should get on!!! Have a super day. Gill


scrappy quilter said...

Happy Anniversary Gill, hope it's a wonderful day. You'll be so happy once this job is done, you won't ever want to do it again. You already know why I can say that.

hugs and love

mommanator said...

Happy Anniversary get up into that attic, whats wrong with you! teehee, sounds like you are lovin it up there! when finished you'll have to have a candlelit dinner there

Decadent Housewife said...

Happy Anniversary! Attic and all.

Patty said...

You need to take a photo of the tractor and trailer full of garbage.
It's been raining here almost everyday since this past Sunday night. It cleared enough yesterday that I was able to mow the front and the back.

Happy Anniversary. Next year I'm sure it will be spent differently. Ours will be 54 in July.

By the way, I think Blogger was having some problems last evening, early this morning, posts both my husband and I had made earlier to show up after midnight, didn't show up. We had to repost them.

Kim Chandler said...

Gill meant to comment on your post a couple of days ago with the picture of your gorgeous house, we need more outside photos, what a beauty, you must be thrilled, all that hard work is going to pay off in spades.

Kiki said...

Happy Anniversary to you & your DH! We just celebrated ours the other day, although not nearly as long as you've been married, 8 years for us.

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your good wishes. Congratulations Kiki on your anniversary.

I will post more photos of the house over the weekend.


Jess said...

Blogger didn't publish my post for today either.

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Love, Jess