Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't worry you don't need to call the fashion police...

as when dd sees the photo below, she will be calling the fashion police herself, then calling me AGAIN to tell me what on earth am I doing wearing socks and sandals. Gosh that's an attractive photo of my svelte legs isn't it...LOL Not sure where my knees are though????

Anyhow, stuff to tell you. Its ruddy boiling hot in this house, its 27oC inside of the house now. I did manage to get more stuff done today though, so I suppose that's something. Kept all the windows closed throughout the day and only opened them after 8pm when it was a little cooler.

UPS arrived Wednesday with my lawn mower blades (DRAT!!), so dh got them put on and I managed to get a couple hours of mowing done. However I did cause myself an injury by forgetting to duck under a tree, and got bopped on my head. You would think I would know better, but obviously not.

Dh made the base of the wood log store on Wednesday night, so when he gets the rest put together I can go ahead and order the logs.

Around 500 metres down the road, a couple of guys were doing something with a tent on the side of the road, so being the nosy person that I am, I stopped by to see what they were up to, and it turns out they have a fruit and veggie stand, and they have been doing that for the past 28 years. So to cut a long story short he has offered to buy some of my raspberries and sell them for me. So I rang the local restaurant and asked them if I could have their soft fruit containers that they throw out, they haven't got back to me yet, but hopefully they do. The extra cash would come in handy, as you all know we have more money going out than coming in at the moment!!


scrappy quilter said...

Gill if you have a local bakery they may have some pails too. That's where I got mine. I'm glad they'll sell some of your raspberries for you. That's awesome!!

I love the look. Really, that's usually me and you can't find my knees either. Hugs

Erin said...

send some of those berries south...i would love them :)
sorry to hear you bumped your head. might want to invest in a helmet when out on the dreaded thing. i am the push mower queen here...hubby rides the john deere and i push we've slopes and such that you can't use riding mower on is easier for me to do them than him ^..^ and of course as saturday approaches i am thinking it is time to get myself geared up for mowing again.
have a lovely day gill

Patty said...

Hey lady, get yourself one of those helmets they wear at construction sites. A hard hat, might save getting stitches when you forget to duck. I forgot my one cupboard door was standing open above the sink, bent down for something, came up and hit the very corner edge a good whack. That's been almost a week ago and that spot still feels bruised. You would think I would soon learn.

Happy mowing, I mowed last evening around 7:30. It was hot yesterday, but hotter today, right now it's 93F and it's 4 in the afternoon, no air blowing,not even a tiny bit, and very humid
I don't like humid weather, if we didn't have AC, I don't know what I would do, probably rent a room at a local motel.

Take it easy, and as for the photo, out where you live, I say, dress how you feel comfortable. Who is going to see you? The birds and wild life, they don't care.

I was thinking one time about dog owners, dogs don't care what their owners look like or how they dress, they still love us, as long as we treat them nice, feed them and love them.

Decadent Housewife said...

Take the socks off, you'll be a nano-degree cooler.

Maria said...

Hehe, funny post and comment! :)