Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We have a houseguest.........

an uninvited one I may add. Its small, brown and furry, and I am not sure if it is a he or she, but answers to the name of MOUSE!!!! I couldn't believe it, I was getting ready to go to bed on Sunday night and there it was wandering through the family room. After letting out a screech, I decided to go and get a brush and try and get it out of the patio door.

To cut a stupid story short, it ended up behind the stove and went down a hole we have in the floor, and probably ended up in the basement. So I went to store on Monday and bought a couple of mouse traps. The guy said these ones are washable so I can use them over and over again (HUH?) Luckily he told me where to place them and to put peanut butter on them. Who knew mice liked peanut butter, I thought it was cheese?

After a few false starts and a few times of it going off and me having peanut butter all over my hands, I managed to get them set. I will say I am so not looking forward to there being anything in the traps, but I can't have brown furry creatures wandering around the house willy nilly, now can I?

I picked up some ant traps at the store also, as I am determined once and for all to get rid of these stupid ants. The manager of the store was passing by me, and was asking how things were, and I was telling her, at this rate, we will have the whole of the wildlife community living in the house with us. The bluebottle situation is still miserable, I find as the day progresses the worse they get?

The humidity has hit and we have no a/c. So last night we had to use a small table fan we had purchased on the weekend in the bedroom and we survived. So fingers crossed we will be okay through the rest of the summer.

We popped down to the animal shelter late Monday afternoon and filled in an application for a cat. They will let us know if they will accept our application. They do turn down people, so not sure how it will go. I'll post more on it when we get to know what's what.


Erin said...

oh my.goodness.
yes, the mice supposedly like p-nut butter. who knows if they will succumb to the invitation though ^..^ they are kind of picky really.
we set out traps at our friend's home in southern california recently (they too had a mouse problem) and the dang things did not go for the traps and p-nut butter :( they did however like the cantelope on the counter :)

have a wonderful day.

Always smiling said...

Omgosh, a mouse. We had some a year a two ago and hubby got some humane traps, totally useless!! We had to resort to the 'snap' you're dead sort and one evening caught three, it kept snapping and snapping! We used Mars bar to trap it and they loved it.. then we went round and filled every gap in our skirtings... we are now mouse free but shhhhhh don't let those little b------ hear or they might get back to us..

Love to live in the open country like you, we live in a 1920's terraced house in Coventry city but have an allotment where we sit and enjoy the open space and the bird song.. altho those little varmine are there too! plus the cutest little rabbits and deer! Yes deer, so all our veg is surrounded by chicken wire fencing to keep them off

Chris x

mommanator said...

Oh how could they say no to you folks! You are definately in need

scrappy quilter said...

You probably won't have mice once you have a cat. Hope you get one soon.


Patty said...

Our daughter use to buy just those little cheap wooden mouse traps, because she wasn't about to open and let the dead ones fall out and reuse. She also set out D-con on the enclosed back porch when she lived on the farm. She wasn't sure what was coming in there, but it was larger than a mouse, since it carried the box of D-con off. The flies were the same way here, one or two in the window in the morning but by around 1pm, way too many. I found the best way was to squish them between paper towels, because like I said, they were very slow moving.

tenthingsfarm said...

Well, that's country life, Gill! I should warn you, I once had a cat who caught a mouse, brought it into my bed and let it go - while I was in bed reading! It skittered under the covers, whilst I skittered to the living room at the other end of the house (in about two steps!)

At least it wasn't as bad as the time one ran up my leg out by the corn crib....hee hee.

The reason they suggest peanut butter for mice is because they can't just yank it off and eat it elsewhere like the could with a bit of cheese. While they are trying to get that sticky peanut butter off...SNAP!!

What will you name your kitty cat?