Monday, June 8, 2009

Odds and ends at the acreage.......

Its gone cold again, I suppose that's nothing new is it? The house is cold again, but I am refusing point blank to put the heating on, its the end of the first week of June for goodness sakes. I was looking at the long range forecast and it should be getting warmer soon!!

All this wet cool weather is making my grass grow like crazy, which in turn means I have to cut it more and more. I think it must be something to do with us being British, but we like nice grass. It gives me great pride to look at a freshly cut lawn. Even though our lawn is full of thistles and dandelions.

Sunday I actually got a couple little jobs done which included writing a long overdue letter to our neighbour in Britain and some emails. Its funny I rarely send a letter now and honestly its such a shame. I remember when we came to Canada, I was always writing letters. I think its a dying art letter writing. Do you write letters, or just send emails? However I must admit, with the price of postage its a lot cheaper to email people.

For the Canadian's out there, I finally managed to get my Bell Canada accounts, for the phone, internet and tv all bundled together. It has taken me the past three weeks and numerous phone calls to get this sorted. I thought they would send me to an early grave with their lack of help. So if you have to deal with them don't give up, its not a total lost cause!!!


Decadent Housewife said...

I was told by someone living north of TO that we are supposed to be getting a very hot summer.

Put the electric blanket back on the bed this week. Ha!

landcuckoo said...

There is something satisfying about seeing a neatly mown lawn! And I understand it helps stop the dandylions and other intruders taking over so much too.
I have some letters which are overdue for writting, I love getting letters in the post with a handwritten envelope! I do end up typing my letters to others then printing them off and posting because my handwriting is so shocking that no-one would be able to read it anyway!
Take care for now
Sarah x

sue15cat said...

Hi, I've just found your blog via Sarah at Landcuckoo, and I love it. Especially your recipe list, hopefully I'll be needing that soon when everything needs harvesting.

Be back soon.

Sue xx

Sandi McBride said...

The weather is contrary...even here in South Carolina I'll waken to crisp damp mornings and long for warmth then at noon it's 85 and I'll be wishing for morning...damned contrary I am!

scrappy quilter said...

I'm sending more cold weather your way. If you read my post today, you'll see we got frost. Now it's raining and cold. I REFUSE to turn on the heat too. There is no way I'm giving Manitoba Hydro anymore money for heat until late fall. We give them enough during the winter.

Laura said...

I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter was.

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your comments and I do appreicate you commenting.


Evelyn said...

I tried to talk to a sales person to bundle my Bell accounts today, they put me on hold for 7 minutes while they checked my account. i hung up on them. my problem is not so much writing letetrs now, it is finding a Canada post box to mail it in! evelyn

Rinkly Rimes said...

I, too, find that blogging has taken the place of letter-writing. I'm even guilty of thinking 'If they want to now about me they can check my blog!'

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Thistles and dandelions, in Australia a plenty. Don't worry about it. Part of country practice. lol.

As to writing letters, I used to write the whole world letters everyday. My mother complained. What for? For the postage expense of course.

I have boxes after boxes of them because I keep them all even the cards. Some are in my scrap books and when internet took charge, I hardly have time to go over my junk to sort them and still refused to throw them away.

About the bills? I learned something from Ophrah Winfrey Show.
Unplug all electrical gadgets when not in use. I believe it's working. Besides putting away each fortnight towards my bill, my electrical wattage is really minimal. I don't use TV much, I rarely cook because I'm alone. I cooked once in every two days and just reheat when needed otherwise the extra is kept in the freezer, so that's another energy saver.

I write to few people I knew from the internet and it's rewarding to get fresh handwritten letters.


I have already posted your link to my blob comments. You may like giving it a peek. Thanks.

Hellie said...

Welcome to Country Life!!! Sorry about mentioning the tree frogs and "no-see-um's"
On the flip side-Deer, weird birds, country air and able to wear jogging pants all day if you want to!
Snuggling around the new fire-with new door-in the middle of January when a winter storm hits and it is -25 outside....