Sunday, March 31, 2019

Bit late jumping on this bandwagon!!

We finally bought a Keurig coffee maker in February.  How long have they been around; turns out 21 years as per this Wikipedia page.

My biggest gripe with the older Keurig coffee makers that the coffee was never hot enough, especially when you add milk as I do in my coffee.  However last year when our son and wife came to live with us for a short while, while their house was being renovated he brought along his Keurig and I found I used it a bit more.  Fast forward to us moving into the new home and our regular drip coffee maker was making an unusual noise when it turned on for dh's coffee at 4:15am.  Enough of an unusual noise that dh thought something was wrong with the water heater in the house.......turned out it was the coffee maker that was making this odd banging noise.

After much research I ended up ordering this machine which is the K-Select model in Volcanic Glass (grey) colour.  This had all the features we needed without being over the top.  I ordered it from the Keurig website and it was here within a couple of days.  I also ordered the Folgers coffee pods as they were on sale. (pretty funny don't you think making a coffee using a David's Tea Mug!!😉)
 As I already had a bit of ground coffee in the house I ordered the My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter so we can use the ground coffee.  I must say that was worth every penny.
I am a big fan of McDonald's coffee, so when I was placing an order through Amazon, I added a box of that to the shipment.  However my all time favourite coffee is the PC brand "The Great Canadian."  It is quite mild and very smooth.  Again bought it when it was on special.

Do you drink coffee in your house?  What is your preferred method of brewing your coffee and do you have a favourite brand of coffee?  How do you take your coffee?  Mine is milk, no sugar.

(I was NOT paid to review these products; these are all my own words)


Boyett-Brinkley said...

I don't drink coffee but the Hubs does. He uses one of those Mellita filters that fits on top of his cup and he grinds his own beans. He prefers Starbucks dark roast varieties.

William Kendall said...

Admittedly I dislike coffee, so I don't even have a coffee maker in the house for company.

Winifred said...

Lovely to see you back Gill.
Hope you'll tell us about your new Houe. I remember when you moved last time I enjoyed reading about the new place.
I don't drink tea so coffee was my drink until I was diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation before Christmas. I gave coffee up for a few weeks but after reading lots about it decided to try a couple of cups a day & it hasn't made a difference.
I have a Gaggia coffee maker & I use Aldi Italian blend ground coffee. I grind it a bit more to make it a bit finer & it's lovely.
I'm a picky coffee drinker & don't like many of the chains of coffee shop drinks. Don't like coffee made with press buttons, has to be a proper espresso maker. Don't like Starbucks (they don't pay their taxes either), M&S has gone off recently & my local Costa which has been my favourite for a while has given me some duff coffee a few times. Hope it's not due to the Coca Cola buy out & changing coffee blends! One of the coffee/tea shop chains that consistently make the nicest coffee is Patisserie Valerie and our little village shop makes wonderful lattes.

50 and counting said...

We gave a Keurig that the husband uses. A Tassimo for when he wants lattes. A French Press, and a Braun machine.

I rarely drink the stuff. It's been decided that when the Keurig does it's last gurgle, it will be replaced by a Nespresso. He has used them in Europe and some hotels here in North America and decided it's a superior machine.

Margie from Toronto said...

Used to have a Keurig at the office but never found that my coffee was hot enough. I'm a tea drinker at home - coffee is more of a treat when I'm out and about.
I do have two French Press coffee makers at home - mostly used for company. I tend to buy a bit at a time from "Second Cup" and it's usually a medium Colombian blend.

Karen said...

We don't use a Keurig but a French Press.
We love McD takeout coffee so we have been buying a bag of that on occasion for a treat. Our favorite brand still is 8 O'clock brand from Metro though.

Rose said...

We always use Folgers, but I also love Eight O'clock coffee as well as Dunkin' Donuts....usually get Folgers because we find it on sale. I always have coffee of the morning, since Roger's stroke it is more often at a restaurant cause he wants to go to McDonalds or Hardee's. Roger loves McDonald's coffee best of all. I take mine milk, no sugar.

Re batiks, I have loved them from the start, and have quite the collection, but have a hard time cutting them because they are so pretty. LOL

mamasmercantile said...

Not a lot of coffee drunk here, so we don't bother with a machine. We buy instant granules occasionally.

Lori said...

Folger's Breakfast Blend, perked in an old top of stove coffee pot. Not too strong, and I drink it black.

Donna said...

I love my Keurig .. have used it for 6 years now. I fill my own Kcups with Nabob coffee as it has always been my favourite. Since my husband doesn't drink any type of hot drink .. it is easier just to make a cup at a time. Have burned my mouth enough times that I wouldn't actually want it any hotter.

Evelyn said...

Love my Keurig and since I drink my coffee black it is fine. Maxwell house breakfast blend is my favourite. I also use my Keurig to make my tea. Just let hot water run into my cup without a pod and add a teabage.