Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Very, very overwhelmed....

We had a home stager come through the house yesterday, and she was a whirlwind of a woman.  She did write things down but not everything and by the time she got to the family room, she had gone through the rest of the main floor, my poor head was pounding.  So I said I will not be able to remember all of this, how much do you cost per hour to come in when we get the photos done.  She costs $125 an hour and would probably be here all morning {SIGH}

HOWEVER, she is one of the best around and when she stages houses they sell.  I had to laugh though I am re-painting the bloody kitchen again as she didn't like the colour I have painted it, just like dh; it makes the kitchen too cold looking she says?  I will also be painting the mud room and the living room the same colour; Benjamin Moore Fogmist OC31

So I need to go shopping for odds and ends that she wants either changed out, replaced or added.  I will say she recommended Wal-Mart, Homesense and Giant Tiger for everything.  Her vision was great and what she has in mind was good, but how on earth we are supposed to live here is beyond me while we sell the place.  Also we have a lot of work to do in such a short time as we hope to have it on the market by mid-February, depending on the weather.

I will write another post about putting a house up for sale and especially a country property like ours, as it is a totally different kettle of fish from selling a house in the city.  Dh and I need to sit down and go over everything and decide a plan of action as neither of us could even be bothered to talk after she had left last night.

Should say the real estate agent paid for yesterday's appointment, not sure if she will pay for her to come in before the photos are taken?

Enough of selling the house, lets here a bit of Christmas music.  I hadn't heard this Celine Dian version of this song before, enjoy:


Scrappy quilter said...

You're selling? Where are you planning on moving

Fishcake_random said...

Thanks for the song, It's a new version to me too and its lovely.

Good luck with the house selling. We're moving from our flat to a cottage but all the listing for new tennants is down to the letting agents lol. I'm feeling very grateful for that after hearing all your list of jobs to do.


Little Home In The Country said...

The last 2 homes that we sold were staged and they both sold extremely quickly. At that time, we had 5 children at home so we needed those houses to sell quickly reducing the disruption of keeping the place showing ready at all times. Not an easy feat with 2 toddlers and 3 school children!

My girlfriend advised me (she is a designer) and it went very well. It was worth every single minute of trouble because we fetched top dollar both times (as well as the fast sales).

Hang in there - it will be worth it in the end!

Jane and Chris said...

Oh crikey!
Jane x

Mindo said...

When we sold our home in Texas I used to get up an hour earlier every morning to ensure the place was show home perfect! We had a lockbox on the front door and couldn't afford not to let the house be shown at short notice. The effort paid off, and we sold within a short period of time.

We didn't use a stager, I looked online at houses that I thought looked nice and tried to emulate their appearance. We went for a very clean, tidy and neutral look so that potential purchasers could imagine their furniture in the house, and spent money on ensuring good curb appeal so that the initial impression was good.

I also did this when we had our next home up for rent before relocating overseas. Another tip was to rent a storage unit for all those things you can't bear to be without but detract from a home's appearance.

It is a pain, but its worth it in the end, and it did teach me to be much tidier and mindful of my surroundings. Wishing you good luck in your sale!

T'Pol said...

I didn't know you wanted to sell your house. When did that happen? Will you be moving closer to the family? Curious minds have to know:)))

Country Gal said...

Oh Good Lord ! Best of luck !

Out My window said...

Wish I was there to help. I love staging houses. But alas I am in Nutcracker hell. I love your house and can't believe you are moving.

Winifred said...

Crumbs I've never heard of a home stager. I've only ever sold a house once thirty years ago & I'm never moving again. I could never keep it tidy enough now.

Best of luck Gill!

Unknown said...

Good luck, Gill. I have moved too many times to not forget how stressful it can be. Sue

Aodhnait said...

The best tip I received for selling my house was to hide anything in the car that there was no storage for.

My first apartment didn't have storage for my hoover and laundry basket - I stored them in my spare bedroom.

Hiding them in my car during viewings meant that the borrower never had the thought that there was not enough storage in the apartment.

Also your house can never be too clean for each viewing! ;-)

Good luck with the sale!

Jane said...

We're going through the same process - getting ready to sell. Right now we're getting flooring replaced, then painting the whole shebang. I guess I should stay away from Fogmist?

Rose said...

I don't even you the next few months...hopefully it will sell quickly. When Lorelei's mom and dad sold their house in order to move to Indy, I think about the 2nd person to look at it bought it...so hope that happens for you. But I will miss hearing about your life in the country.

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