Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shopping in the sales

I have been shopping the sales and anyone who knows me I am a Wedgwood fanatic.  So of course I picked up another Christmas ornament to add to my collection; my first beige one.
 Saw these two jugs on Clearance, again Wedgwood, Nature's Canvas.  The small jug was $6.25 plus taxes and the larger one $10 plus taxes.
 Perfect as "objects d'art," and also useful.

Now the home stager "suggested" that we needed white dinner ware to display on our Welsh Dresser in the kitchen?  I have been eyeing up dd Sophie Conran Portmeirion dinner ware, but knew she would give me a hard time if I bought that.  So I went with the Gordon Ramsay Royal Doulton Maze set instead.  I got a fantastic deal  Each box contains 16 pieces, 4 large plates, 4 smaller plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs.  They were on for $99 a box, and then I got an extra 25% off, I picked up two boxes.  Plus I got the dish and platter set for $25 after the discount.  The big bowl will go on the middle of the kitchen table with fruit in it, like the home stager wanted and all can be taken with us and used again.

Between me and you this was no hardship buying all of this!!!

Another of my good deals was a couple of photo/picture frames from Michael's, regularly $60 each, they were on for buy one get one free, plus I got another 25% off, totaling less than $50 for the pair.  The photo I had enlarged to 12" x 18" and that cost just over $12 (another one is on order).  So for under $75 I now have two original pieces of art work, that we will take with us to remind us where we used to live.

 With the photo being behind glass it is hard to get a decent photo.


angela said...

Ohhh I.ove them! What ag rest bargain hunter you are

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call fun shopping - I like your entire haul :)

Debby said...

Super deals! I ventured to the grocery store but only because we were out of eggs and milk! Ha

Evelyn said...

great deals!

Jane and Chris said...

I love white it!
Jane x

Winifred said...

I love Wedgewood too Gill. Best place to buy it now is in car boot sales pparently. My sister in law gave me some lovely plates & a couple of jugs. She paid about £1 a piece!

Will have to try to match up my Wedgewood Willow dinner service there.

I haven't been to a shop since Christmas Eve. My way of saving money!

T'Pol said...

Great prices... I love the ornament.

Lena said...

Great finds, my friend!

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