Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Baby's R Us" or not!!!

On Saturday I went with "R" to help her register at Baby's R Us. First let me say I enjoy shopping generally, but by the time we had been in there for an hour and a half we were exhausted.  Neither me nor "R" knew there were such a variety of baby items out there. To say we were over whelmed would not be an under statement!!!

We managed to get a lot done; "R" and her dh have to pick out the bigger items, like the stroller, crib etc. Also they need to figure out which baby monitor they want, along with some other things.  Any advise on do's and don'ts, or what she should have on the registry, will be greatly appreciated.  She will be having two showers, with at least 50 guests at each one.  She did add two packs each of newborn, size 1 & 2 diapers, should she add more and what size?  We will not know the sex of the baby.

We then went to check out a venue for the baby shower, and it was lovely.

It's a renovated Railway Station building.  Those kids were dancing along to some music playing.

This is the water feature in front of the building.

We used to live close to this area. The buildings are stores, with apartments above, they were really nice.
They had just finished an outdoor Zumba class when we woman came up to us to tell us we had just missed it.........drat, drat and double drat!!!!

Some information:
More information on the station restoration.


Kaisievic said...

That looks like a fantastic venue for the baby shower.

simplicityinthemaking said...

We don't have a Toy "R" Us here, but it sure is nice to have one location for a register. Baby showers sure arn't what they use to be. Small events at mom's house. When my granddaughters were born they didn't even fit in newborn size diapers, so skip that size go right to size 1.My own were in cloth and that was only two years ago.

Mysti said...

When I was pregnant with Bossy and Sassy, it was overwhelming and exhausting to register. My suggestion is to do it in 2 or 3 sessions. Session 1 - Major stuff; Session 2 - Important stuff; Session 3 - Filler.

Have fun!

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Nice buildings. For a baby shower I always buy 6 mos to 1 year clothing, as the parents usually buy the basics or they get so much from family members right off. With babies growth rate it is nice to have larger clothing for when this happens, so I think.

Jane and Chris said...

You mean babies don't come with instructions?????
Killing myself laughing at the thought of you and Zumba!!
Jane x

Debby said...

Babies R Us can be a nighmare!!!! So much stuff. We have used the heck out of our baby swing at our home and DD's, now that the grands have outgrown it they put their baby dolls in it. When they sign up for a car seat make sure they buy and extra base of two for whatever cars they baby will be transported in. For some reason the car seat companies change the base out often its hard to get the right one later

~Carla~ said...

I never registered for shower stuff, so not sure what to suggest. I'd say no more newborn size unless she has a tiny baby... A "normal" sized baby won't be in them long. My girls were only 5lbs so I used them forever...

What a blessing that she'll be receiving so much for her new baby! :)

Rachel said...

Ooohh what a nice place for a shower! :) As far as registry goes, I agree make sure that she registers for 2 bases for the car seat. As far as diapers...having just had my 3rd child in 5 years, I would suggest not having a lot of newborn diapers. All 3 of mine wore size 1s from day 1. They were a little big for about a week or so, but then they fit just fine. I would say stock up on 2s and 3s, as with my experience those are the sizes babies stay in the longest. Also register for baby wipes as well! :)

Evelyn said...

not a big fan of registries to start with. i agree with getting larger size diapers and clothes and the basics like soap and baby wipes. Have lots of lower priced items too on the registry as some can't afford the higher end stuff. Lovely venue, baby showers have come along way!

Rose said...

I am trying to think of thinks that I really found helpful with Lorelei when she was a baby. One thing is a bouncer like this:

Sarah had one and it really was nice...oh, and then look at this thing called a Bumbo seat:

Her friend let her borrow hers and it is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Or we thought it was and her friend had used it a lot! It is expensive, but Sarah really got the use and then Christen had a second child so it has been worth its money to her.

Then Sarah had a jumperoo thing similar to this that Lorelei really used:

The one thing with my kids was an infant swing...they both loved it...could have stayed in one forever. But Lorelei just did not and does not care much for swinging. She is the only child I have ever seen that doesn't just love swinging, but she gets motion sickness occasionally and we wonder if that is why.

Well, that is a lot, and I can think of more but got to get ready to head to the doctor with hubby...he is going to get patches to test for allergies.