Saturday, November 29, 2008

VII Things I plan to do before I die:
Go to India
Live in the country on an acre of land with chickens

VII Things I do now:
Plan to change the curtains in the lounge ( still planning- this type of stuff terrifies me)
Use moisturiser every day
Watch Celebrity Get Me Out of Here ( teenager loves it and is glued every night). It is so bad it is compelling.
Hate the rain
Get lots of sleep
Enjoy my current work projects

Look forward to 2009VII Things I can't do:
watch soap operas
hang curtains ( see above)
Iron well
stay cross with Other half or teenager for long

VII Things that attract me in the opposite sex:
strength ( physical
strength ( emotional)
blue eyes
big build ( rugby, American football types)

VII Things I say most often:
Where are we going for coffee?
Where are we going for lunch?
Shall we have red or white?
What's the score?
It can't be raining again?
Are you taking a coat or a warm top?
Where does the time go?

VII Celebrities that I admire
Ronnie Barker
Eric Morecambe
John Thaw
Shay Given
Jonny Wilkinson
Jane Austen
Paul McKenna

VII Favourite foods:
Creme Caramel
homemade Mac & Cheese
Fresh Baked Bread
Penne A La Vodka

VII Bloggers who are not obliged to do this if they don't want to:
Expat mum
Clippy Mat
Range Warfare
Gill that British Woman
Renie Burghardt
Travelling Typhoon
Jessica ( Jessica's World)

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