Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grocery Shopping.....

I finally got around to doing some grocery shopping this week.

I did go to Fortino's to pick up a few things yesterday, but I didn't take a photo of everything.

I went to No Frills today and I picked up the three packets of McCain's Frozen Fries @ $1.99 each, I have a coupon for $4 off when you buy three packets so ended up getting all three for $1.97. Here is a link to the coupon for the Canadians out there. Milk was $3.97 for a 4 litre bag.

I then went to Price Chopper and got everything in the photo below. The best deal was the Nabob coffee which was on sale at $3 a can. I had 8 x $2 off coupons from when I did a Bzz Agent promotion. So ended up paying only $1 a can. All the fish had $1 coupons on the boxes, so they only cost $1.77 a box, which is a great price. The coffee creamer I got free as I had a Free Product coupon for that which dd gave me. The pies were on sale for $1 each, haven't had them in so long, so thought it would make a change.

Finally I called in at Sobey's and picked up the soup, again had a FPC. Then the apples were on sale for 47 cents a pound so picked up just over 10 pounds of apples.

So this week I spent $70.62 and had savings of $31.44. I was out for 1 3/4 hours and I also ran a couple of other errands while I was out. I drove probably 10 to 15 km's total.


mommanator said...

wow I wish I could remember to take & use coupons. I know hte advantage,but jsut can't seem to do it

Winifred said...

You certainly have saved some money. We don't get many coupons now.

I've taken to shopping in ALdi, not sure whether you have these shops. Think they're German. My one problem is that even if I have a list I always see something else I fancy. So I've decided to go out shopping less often.

Mind you it has its disadvantages because if you buy too far ahead you waste food.

Niki :-) said...

Wow, great savings! so inspirational! hope all is well with ya Gilly :)

QuiltedSimple said...

dreaded grocery shopping - at least you got some good deals! I really need to go, but have been putting it off.

Lib said...

hi Gill,
Congrads ! You're doing great!:o)
I love the table cloth or runner.Beautiful!
Have a great day!

Marla said...

I try to use coupons when I remember or take the time to get them ready. I not so good at doing on a regular basis !

Cherie said...

wow! You did well! I just got my latest Canadian Living! I am off to clip my coupons! Thanks for the link to the fries coupon!

Clippy Mat said...

right that's it. i'm going to become a coupon clipper. where do i start?
where DOES someone find coupons these days?
i never seem to see them much.
that coffee was a great deal.
i am in awe of your superpowers gill.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Thanks for all your comments.

Winifred, we don't have Aldi here in Canada, but I think it is in the States.

Lib, it is a small tablecloth, on my kitchen table.


Denise said...

I love to see what other people buy. Whenever I go anywhere different and we have to pop into a supermarket, I enjoy looks at the different brands I have never seen or heard of before. You got some great deals here.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I use my coupons as often as I remember! Some good savings to be had.

A x

An Arabian Dream said...

In the Middle east, the system of coupons for the supermarkets is mostly in the form of lucky draws. Depending on the amount you spend on your bill, your given coupons to fill and enter the draw.

It not like the ones you see in the west or Australia where even behind your grocery bill one may find offers.

Whatever the case... good on you for utilizing them Gill. I hardly ever used mine :-)