Thursday, April 2, 2020

Name five things you are grateful for......

1. That our family is still healthy...…..well other than snotty noses in the little ones......but that's a normal thing!!

2. Not having to choose between paying bills or putting food on the table.  That is a hard choice a lot of people are having to make.

3. Having Dougie and the gang for our government in Ontario.  Didn't like when Dougie and the gang were voted in, but have to say, he has certainly earned his stripes during this pandemic.  He gets my vote now!  Which is more than I can say for the other guy in Ottawa!!!

4. All the family are still working; when so many are laid off.

5. Being able to stay home and stay safe...…...I am so lucky.  Dh has to go out to work everyday and work in a factory environment.  Not an ideal situation, but the factory is making steel pipe that is used to make hospital beds.

Finished my puzzle...…….still waiting for Chapters to ship out the second one?

Your turn now...…..


Northern Living Allowance said...

Oh! Love the puzzle. I was looking at a beautiful one on Amazon this morning that I may still buy. Five things I'm grateful for:
1) having a full paycheque thanks to Government assistance during this time, and a boss who wants to keep all his employees;
2) a flatmate I get on with;
3) having this time to rest and refocus (despite the awful reason behind this, there HAS to be a silver lining somewhere);
4) loads of books to read;
5) Spring weather!

Karen said...

Much like your list
That my family and the people I love are still healthy
That I have prepped and have a good stock of food as I knew that something was going to happen.....surprised that a pandemic caused this. I just knew there would be a problem
Thankful that I lived below my means my whole life so I am better off than most and not having to stress and make hard decisions like so many
Thankful that I recently retired from healthcare due to a disability. My heart fouls out to my fellow nurses who are working so hard and without the proper supplies that they need.
Thankful that I have had a wonderful life with some, but few regrets, and that if anything should happen to me....I smiled and had fun.... sad to think about life this way, but this is the time we live in

Margie from Toronto said...

Grateful for Pension money & a paycheque that will continue so that all bills have been paid for the month.
Grateful for my little apt. where I can do as I like and spend a day in my PJ's if I'm so inclined
Grateful that family and friends all seem to be well for now
Grateful for a well stocked pantry so there was no last minute panic (none of my friends are laughing at me now)!
Grateful for a sunny day - even if I can't get out to do what I normally would on a day like this.
Grateful for the technology that allows me to not feel totally cut off from people.

mamasmercantile said...

Much the same as yours. With the exception of my dear Dad the family are safe. A husband to spend quality time with during this pandemic. We have no financial concerns thanks to our hard work and planning. A roof over our heads that is paid for and plenty of food due to forward planning. Living the dream on an Island that we love.

Anonymous said...

1. Self, husband and adult son (who lives with us) are all still healthy, also my friends and extended family.
2. Live in a mortgage-free house.
3. Husband's and my pensions are guaranteed, and still arriving by direct deposit.
4. Am able to go for walks daily, to alleviate the boredom. (How many times can you tidy the linen closet/sock drawer/cupboard under the stairs??!!)
5. Like you, am grateful for competent leadership at the provincial level (I live in a different province from you.) Unlike you, I am grateful for the very capable leadership in Ottawa.


Jackie said...

I do love your grateful list.

God bless.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Love that puzzle! I might have to get it for myself — and Easter gift maybe!

Five things I am grateful for —

1. That my family is well and safe
2. That my husband is retired and doesn’t have to get out for work
3. That my clergy is working hard to bring church to us in these difficult times
4. That if this pandemic has to happen, at least it is a time when we have so much technology to keep us in touch with other people.
5. That we have had such a lovely early spring

Evelyn said...

Thankful that myself, hubby and oldest are still working. Thankful that youngest though laid off can get government support at this time.
Grateful for spring
Grateful for our premier who makes wise decisions

Unknown said...

Love the puzzle!

1) I am grateful as well that I can stay home and play without a worry; dang, get me off those bead sites spending money though!!

2) I am grateful that I have a beautiful deck I can sit out on if the weather ever gets nice.

3) I am grateful that so far our health is OK

4) I am grateful for good internet and friends I can "chat" with and get inspiration from, when I need to.

5) I am grateful for elastic waistbands...just saying.

kestrel said...

Interesting puzzle of cupcakes, usually of animals and sceneries, so its quite unusual. Yes I am lucky too that even with a lockdown in Malaysia (40 days already), we have food and a good home, safe and sound. Drop by at jom colour me in google. I am not IT savvy, just plodding along

Shaban said...

grateful for:
My car
My apartment that is all mine and I pay no rent
My job that pays me well
My independence
My health!


Margie from Toronto said...

Just checking on how you are doing since you haven't posted anything in quite a while. Hope you and your family are well and not too frustrated by the lockdown in the province.

Jean said...

1) Am grateful we are all well so far.
2) Our pensions that come in regularly
3) We all moved and got settled before this situation
4) For Zoom to meet with friends
5) For lovely countryside to walk in

R's Rue said...

Beautiful puzzle.

fizzycat said...

Grateful for 1/Today went out(uk) ate a sandwich and had a coffee, staff in cafe in full ppe so a little strange but felt good
2/ Glad everyone is safe I know and we are safe too hopefully
3/ Garden, small but been a great source of comfort watching spring develop there
4/ Offer of interview and spouse in work safely
5/ Just grateful to all keyworkers helping everyone

Sandi said...

Oh! Love the cute cupcake puzzle.

Five things?

1. Boredom. It means I got all my stuff done.
2. Blogging. Isn't it amazing we can talk with people all over the world?
3. Easy food. I mean, I have never had to hunt.
4. My kids. This should have been Number 1.
5. Air conditioning!

Milena said...

Hello from Poland. I read your blog catching up from time to time. Is everything ok as there is no new entry since almost one year..... hope that all is good on your side☺️

Milena said...

Hello from Poland. I read your blog catching up from time to time. Is everything ok as there is no new entry since almost one year..... hope that all is good on your side☺️

Cherie said...

I hope you are ok. You haven't blogged in ages.

crafty cat corner said...

We have a jigsaw each on the go all of the time but I've never seen one like this, I love it.

crafty cat corner said...

I've just bought that jigsaw from a charity shop, I thought it was a bit different.

Moira said...

Are you still there we have not heard from you for avwhile

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