Wednesday, February 4, 2009

50 + 1 Recipes for Grapes

Have to say I never cook with grapes, just eat them fresh from the grocery store, so I am interested to see what elese you can do with them.

1. Grape Jelly - a standard recipe and it has photos

2. Grape Chicken Salad Wrap

3. Roasted Asparagus and Coronation Grape Salad

4. Grape Rosemary Focaccia

5. Grape, Orange and Onion Relish

6. Summer Trifle with Blue Grapes

7. Roast Beef, Blue Cheese and Ontario Coronation Grape Jam Sandwich

8. 24 Hour Fruit Salad

9. Nif's Edible Aquarium - great for a kids party

10. Frozen Grapes - great on a hot summer's day

11. Holiday Fruit Salad

12. Individual Italian Wine Cakes

13. Port-Glazed Grape Tarts With Pecan Crust

14. Grapes Rolled in Goat Cheese With a Pistachio Crust

15. Grape Salad - this recipe confuses me, as to my mind it is NOT a salad???

16. Grape, Ricotta and Honey Tarts - these sound good

17. Green Fruit Smoothie

18. Spiced Grapes

19. Grape Muffins

20. Broccoli Grape Salad

21. Concord Grape Pie

22. Concord Grape Sorbet

23. Pork and grape croutons au gratin

24. Apple Slaw with Grape Dressing

25. Green Grape and Green Tea Antioxidant Smoothie

26. Braised ham, green grape sauce

27. Grape and Wild Rice Stuffing

28. Cashew Chicken Salad

29. Quick Fix California Pizza

30. Tropical Fruit Salad

31. Frosty Fresh Grape Pops


33. Peanut Butter and Grape Muffins

34. Toffee Grapes - this ones different

35. Caramel grape mille-feuille - I like the look of this one

36. Apple and Grape Salad

37. Baby Chicken with Leeks, Grapes and Sherry

38. Balsamic Glazed Sausage and Grapes with Polenta

39. Beaumes-De-Venise Cake with Grapes

40. Blue Cheese Pecan Grapes - great snack or appitizer

41. Boneless Chicken Breast with Grapes

42. Brown Rice with Sunflower Seeds and Grapes

43. Burnt Grapes - this sounds really good

44. Cheese and Grape Turnovers

45. Chicken-Grape Salad

46. Curried Cauliflower Salad with Grapes

47. Dave's Grape Pudding Tart

48. "Dump" Chicken and Grapes

49. Fillet of Sole with Grapes

50. Flat Grape Bread

51. Frozen Lemon and Grape Treats

I have to say there seems to be a mix of sweet and savory amongst those recipes. I will say my favourite is #10, I can see me doing this in the summer.

Nutritional info

Just in time for Valentine's Day, next week it's Strawberries.............


Unknown said...

Amazing... never considered anything else away from a good wine or juice...
Thanks for the inspiration

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Good Morning Gill, It's 12 degrees here and snowing this morning. Don't know when we'll get to the grocery store today!!!!!

Thanks for the grape recipes!!!! YUM!

Scrappy quilter said...

I agree, amazing. Who would have thought there were so many recipes for grapes. Can't wait until next week....we love strawberries.

Ms Opinionated said...

your #10 is the best - nothing like frozen grapes when the temp is 35C. Speaking of weather, can you do something about this cold, bitter winter?

George said...

It sounds as if there is some very good eating among these recipes. I'd sure like to sample some of these.

Niki said...

Gill, on a completely different note, do you have a plain sponge cake recipe you could share? I'm having trouble finding one.

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Might try some of those recipes next time grapes are on the shopping list. The heat is knocking them around a bit and the cost is going sky high.

I agree about the 'Grape Salad' sounds more like a dessert - imagine coming across a chunky grape when you were expecting smooth.

From another post - I have used vinegar, water and newspaper for my windows for more years than I like to remember. May have been a 'british' method lol

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi friend.. Nice and interesting post.. Great list of recipes..Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. cool.. Cheers!!!

John Socrates Loyola said...

Thank you! Thanks for this helpful post. I'd love to try them all anytime soon. For more about grapes and grape growing, you could consider this too:

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