Sunday, September 19, 2010

They're back and a look back at an old post..

The mice are back, caught two overnight on Friday night.  We're a bit puzzled as to where they may be getting in, but figure it could be through the new basement. 

I had a few packets of Ramen Noodles in the pantry that I decided to donate to shelter.  I also wanted to print a recipe to include with the packages that I had used before and is pretty easy to make and very budget friendly.  I found the recipe on this post I did a while ago with a number of other links of budget friendly recipes.  Thought for anyone who is relatively new to my blog, it may be worth a peek.

The kids came up on Saturday to do a couple of jobs for us and to celebrate dh's birthday, which is on Monday.  Dd made her dad a cake.

She did a good job, although I must say the cake was very sweet.  I am in charge of making her birthday cake in November, so will have to figure out what to do.

We all went out for dinner last night at a road side diner just down the road.  Place is a bit rough, but the food is good, and its makes a change from the usual chain restaurants.

I am going to be busy on Sunday, because as per usual I have left it to last minute in making my quilt blocks from the block of the month club.  The meeting is on Tuesday and I have stuff planned for Monday, so Sunday is the only day left to do them.........

Enjoy your Sunday.


LizBeth said...

I love that cake! What a beautiful job. . . . . . .Good idea for the Ramen. When things are going rough, a new taste can be a real treat.

Liz, The Republic

Daxingcujo said...

Yeah mice are sneaky that way...we had them in the past, even the landlord can't figure where they get in..since we have a cat I have only seen one in the past year *knock on wood*
Thanks for the refresh on recipe sites ..the ramen noodle one is great! I added it to my favs. said...

Oh gosh , we have mice too, living in the garage, lots of them, droppings all over the place and its a mystery how they all got in! Back off my hols now, but have a stinking cold so not firing on all cylinders! Susie x

Piece by Piece said...

The cake looks great your Dd did a wonderful job. The mice are looking for a nice warm place to stay during the Winter, and they get in via a real small hole.
Don't forget Eastenders starts tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. and every evening thereafter on Vision TV.

Lib said...

Sorry the mice are back!!!!!!!!
Love the cake.Your DD does wonderful dec. her cakes!
Have agreat day!

Stephanie V said...

That cake is gorgeous. I love the blues.
Mice are not fun...we have sporadic visits in our garage. Now that we have no cat, they're just not afraid to wander in. They don't need much space at all...someone told me that a hole smaller than a quarter was way big for a mouse. Pretty hard to plug them all up.

Rose said...

Your Dd did a beautiful job on that cake.

I wonder if everyone don't have mice sneak in in the fall... we don't with our cats, but when I am without cats I always have one or two every fall.

Anonymous said...

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