Thursday, September 9, 2010

I give up, I bloody well give up........

You will not believe what has happened this time.

I woke up at 3am on Wednesday with chronic tooth ache, I was in bloody agony.  So as soon as the dentist was open I called them to make an appointment, and got in to see him at 3pm.  It turns out I have an abscess on the third from the back tooth on the top right hand side.  I have had the two back teeth extracted on the bottom jaw from that side already, and now this.

He has given me antibiotics and pain killers to try and calm things down, before he does a root canal.  The earliest appointment I could get was 12.30pm next Wednesday.  So fingers, toes and everything crossed that the meds kick in soon, as I am in so much pain.

I honestly don't know why this is happening to me with my mouth?  I did dislocate my jaw when I fell on the ice a number of years ago, so whether that is coming back to haunt me I don't know?  The dentist has no idea what's going on, reckons it's part of aging?  I could understand it if I never went to the dentist or didn't look after my teeth, but I do.

I should be glowing in the dark the amount of x-rays I have had recently!!

So because of this, we didn't change the electrical panel as I was in no fit state to do that, plus it was more important that I got to the dentist's office.  Not sure if we should tackle it on Thursday, I'll see how I am feeling.


John said...

Oil of cloves - get it from your pharmacist/chemist and just dab a drop on/around the sore tooth - works wonders to stop chronic tooth ache! We are never without it and every hospital ward I ever worked on had a bottle in their medicine cabinet!

Fee said...

Hi Gill,

I am sorry to hear you are suffering again with teeth. I think you need a holiday though - I read your writings with awe at the amount you achieve! Please take some time out as I imagine you must be tiring after a long summer of veg and grass cutting! All the very best my dear, Fee, Somerset. UK

landcuckoo said...

Sending you my best wishes and I really do hope you feel better soon. What a frustrating time you are having, such a bother when you do take the time to look after yourself too, I understand what you mean.
Take care
Sarah xx

The Witch said...

Hope your feeling better soon.
Nice post you did on extra tomatoes, that's exactly what we have been doing with our extra's.
Plus I'm trying a new Freezer Salsa which I'm hoping will also use up the extra tomatoes, onions, peppers, and hot peppers. This Summer has been the best in gardening for us. Do you feel your garden has produced good also this year?

LizBeth said...

Bless your heart, teeth sure can be a pain. I brush like crazy, the dentists always tell me what healthy gums I have, and I still had a root canal a couple of years ago. The meds should quiet it down pretty quick. May take a spell before you can chew anything crunchy on that side after the work. Call it your mashed potato side. . . . . . . .So, what are vacations for???

Liz, The Republic

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Gill!! I'm so very sorry to hear that you've got a tooth acting up again! Do you grind or clench your teeth? That can make them very sore and cause problems--If you do, talk to your dentist about it, because maybe you should consider getting some kind of night guard or occlusal guard. Just a few thoughts from a very sympathetic reader. I do hope your tooth feels better!!!

Jane and Chris said...

I hope you have dental coverage, you don't need more pain!
Hope you feel better very soon

Niki said...

Oh Gill I hope it does settle down until you can get it fixed! Nothing worse than a bad toothache.

The oil of Cloves sounded interesting...


Stephanie V said...

Oh, poor you. Having a tooth ache is such a painful thing. I hope those meds kick in soon!

Karine said...

Oh dear Gill, I hope you're feeling better today! I hope he can fix your problem and hopefully find out what's causing it, it relaly is strange that you have issues like this all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hope things get better soon. Take care x

flowerpower said...

Ohhhh geee i am sorry for you Gill'
oil of clove is great also 50/50 water and sea salt i keep a water bottle of it in my shower.
when i get in the shower every day i shake it well them i fill my mouth with it and hold it as long as i can then spit and rinse.
my great grand mother,grand mother, mother all did it.
it helps healing and stimulating of gums.
take care.

Denise said...

How awful for you, you've had so much trouble with your poor mouth. Hope things settle down soon.

Leiani said...

You certainly deserve a break from all these medical issues! I hope you are feeling much much better soon. xx

Stephanie D. said...

I feel for you--and know what you're going through. I have begged several dentists over the years to just yank the things out of my mouth and give me dentures!

They always claim it's better to keep my own teeth. Sure--better for them! Lord knows how many kids my mouth has helped through college.

Lori said...

I know exactly how your mouth feels! Age, if he tells me one more time it's common for my age I'm going to whomp him with my cane. Last night I tried chewing tomatoes on my "less teeth" side. Lucky they were soft. Arrgh!