Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer is back again and other stuff...

Monday was a glorious day weather wise, mind you I saw a touch of frost on the ground up the road from us first thing Monday morning.  We're going to be up in the high 80's with the humidity today?  All very, very strange!

First thing on Monday we went to get blood work done and one of the nurses I think was a trainee.  It took three tries before she could get any blood out of me........all the while she was tapping on my arm trying to find the vein and the more she tapped the more sicker I felt!!  I have never had this trouble before; all very interesting!!

We went to breakfast straight after that and it was good.  For $5.75 we had two fried eggs, fried potatoes, four rashers of bacon and two rounds of toast, with a cup of tea or coffee (free refills.)

After popping home to hang out a load of laundry we went to Barrie to the mall.  I wanted to get dh a new pillow and I think pillows are a very personal thing that you should pick out yourself.  Anyhow got him that, and while I was at the mall figured I should have a quick look around!!!  Picked up dd a Christmas Present (wink! wink!)  Dd reads this blog!

We then popped into Lowes to check out the prices on "blue wood."  While there dh saw the tool below and decided to purchase it along with some replacement blades for it.  I had given him $150 for his birthday and my dad and step-mum gave him $60.  The tool and replacement blades came to $203 leaving him $7 leftover.  He bought some new laces for his boots, $4, so now he has $3 to fritter on anything he wants....LOL

We got home at 1:30 pm had a quick bite to eat and did a couple of quick jobs, and then we were back out of the house, to be at the bank for 3pm to meet with the financial planner.  Two hours later the meeting was over with.  Have some things to sort out and meet with her again in a couple of weeks.  She's going to Britain on vacation so it gives us chance to get things sorted.

Got home around 5:30 pm, popped a pizza in the oven and wondered where on earth the day went too!!

Back to "normal" today as dh is back at work............those three weeks just flew by......


John said...

Time flies when you are having fun, doesn't it! Our new gas oven and stovetop arrived today and I drove over to Canberra to source a replacement gas heater for our aged one that keeps going out on us. Well, there's $6,000AUS gone, isn't it! LOL!

Stephanie V said...

A good day for bargains...well done you!